“The View”‘s Joy Behar fires up at Cohost amid heated debate

Joy Behar it’s at it again!

The television personality, who was recently spotted reacting angrily to her co-hosts on ‘The View,’ responded in kind Sunny Hostin during the debate over former US Vice President Mike Pence’s attempted joke.

Hostin interrupted Behar as she spoke about her reaction to Pence’s comments, assuming she had finished speaking. However, Behar exploded in annoyance, declaring, “I’m not done yet!”

He previously slammed co-host Ana Navarro for asking one of the show’s producers to comment on a controversial topic.

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‘I have not finished yet!’

2016 White House Correspondents' Dinner Arrivals

Behar once again responded with a sting to one of her co-hosts, as fans saw earlier this month.

This time, the 80-year-old presenter is a “he was trying to joke” said former US Vice President Mike Pence while addressing a political barbecue.

Pence said U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, who is gay, “is the only person in human history who has had a baby and we all suffer from postpartum depression.”


Behar felt the joke was gratuitous and said on the show, “I want to talk to the joke,” and began criticizing Pence.

She stopped halfway through her monologue and co-host Hostin thought Behar was done. However, the comic abruptly cut Hostin off as he expressed his opinion, saying, “I’m not done yet!” and continued his rant.

In response to the outburst, Hostin kept quiet, while the other co-hosts laughed awkwardly.

Joy Behar says Mike Pence has a ‘history of homophobia’

2016 Democratic National Nominating Convention

Part of Behar’s comment about Pence was that the former White House second-in-command has a “history of homophobia.”

He also said, “Here’s a guy who has always opposed gay marriage, opposed the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, and even more egregiously, as governor of Indiana, exacerbated the HIV epidemic in southern Indiana by waiting. legalize needle exchanges and close Planned Parenthood, which was the only HIV testing site in the area.”

The host of “The View” bluntly stated that the public servant “should be ashamed of himself.”

Since Pence’s comment went viral, he has been condemned by the White House and the LGBTQ+ community. However, despite the backlash, the former vice president has not yet apologized.

Joy Behar reacts angrily to Ana Navarro

Joy Behar at the 2016 Inspire A Difference Gala

On a previous episode of “The View,” Behar got upset over Navarro’s attempt to ask a producer a question. The day.

At the time, the show’s moderators debated whether it was cultural appropriation when non-Indians wore saris to Indian weddings. The controversy began with Navarro revealing that he was attending his first wedding in India and also noted that he had been told they were extravagant.

Hostin considered knowing where Navarro could rent a dress for the wedding. Behar offered her own take on the matter: “Ana makes a good point; don’t know if it’s cultural to wear a sari at an Indian wedding,” to which Hostin replied, “Not if they ask.”

Instead of answering directly, Navarro asked one of the show’s producers for input, only to be abruptly interrupted by Behar, who remarked, “What are you asking her?”

More drama from Joy Behar and Ana Navarro

Ana Navarro

It’s unclear why Behar lost her cool and snapped at Navarro, but did it again later in the program.

It came as the hosts chatted with Top Chef’s Gail Simmons about her ambitious travel plans for the show’s upcoming new season.

Behar was about to end the conversation to go to a commercial when Navarro loudly interrupted her.

The latter said to Gail, “By the way, I want you to invite me when you go to Spain.” Gail then replied, “I’m in.”

Visibly displeased with Navarro’s behavior, Behar then turned to the producers and rolled her eyes before gesturing angrily at her co-host. He also clicked the panel violently, saying, “We have to go!”

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