The Rock, Nick Cannon teases Kevin Hart over birthday post

Kevin Hart is 44 years old on July 6 and the actor has been celebrating since July 1. She took to social media with a birthday post that her friends used to prank her!

Kevin Hart is 44 and still short

The Rock and Nick Cannon jokingly tease Kevin Hart about the birthday post

The actor is happy with what has been bestowed upon him at the age of almost 44 and took to social media to express his gratitude. “This is the 44… Health is wealth!!!! #HustleHart #LiveLoveLaugh,” she captioned a photo.

He shows off his well-deserved six-pack by the water in black swimming trunks, a backwards hat, and not his usual go-to Nike sneakers. Kev is ready for another strong year of life.

Of course, friends and family chimed in to show the actor some love ahead of his big day, but not all of them were kind messages. Hart’s friends and some family were outraged by the jokes.

The rock is still in the height

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His Jumanji franchise co-star was one of the first to comment. He insisted that Hart was trying to look bigger on screen. “Back me up about 10 feet please 😂 Happy birthday bro,” he jokes.

Nick Cannon also had a few shots at his good friend. “44 inches???? Happy birthday bro!! I love you!” he joked about it too The top page the small stature of the actors.

The Rock and Nick Cannon jokingly tease Kevin Hart about the birthday post

Even Hart’s wife of 7 years, Enikő Hart, makes playful recordings of her man. “Stuck out. 😂” he joked with the crying laughing emoji. The two have always been quick to joke around, so it’s no surprise that Eniko hit her husband where he’s sure it stings!

The Rock and Nick Cannon jokingly tease Kevin Hart about the birthday post

Kevin Hart looks good

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Regardless of the wreck, the actor has been looking amazing lately, putting in a lot of effort to get that six pack and taking fans along for the ride. In fact, Hart is so confident in his athleticism that he challenged Michael Phelps.

Yes, Olympic-ranked swimmer Michael Phelps. Hart is confident he’ll catch up to the athlete in his prowess, tagging the swimmer in a post of him doing a lap in his pool shortly before demolishing him in the birthday post.

“This message is for you @m_phelps00… I’m in the ass and I’m coming for all the gold medals. Give me a 2 round lead and I’ll fire the man! 😂😂😂😂😂 #HustleHart.”

The beef is deep

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Hart addressed Phelps as he bobbed in the pool. He singled out the gold medalist for pointing out that Hart was finned the last time he was in the pool and he shouldn’t have been so confident seeing them help him.

Kev made the recording! He challenged Phelps to a race if he could “start a lap and a half ahead”, promising to “blow” his “a**”! and actually “I still get it at 44!” he is the “evidence” the actors shout and say with his chest!

HE demonstrates a butterfly “hard body” who emerged from the water tired and ready to renegotiate the deal instead of a round and now wants a “2 round lead in a three round race”. We need to see this now!

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