The real reason why Avril Lavigne broke up with Tyga has been revealed!

Breakups and whirlwind romances are nothing new in the world of celebrity relationships. So was the pop-punk princess Avril Lavigne and rapper Tyga who recently called off their relationship.

According to a report, ‘complicated’ singer Lavigne decided to end the relationship because she didn’t want to be ‘tied down’ and their romance was just a ‘bounce back’ as she sought solace from a ‘toxic relationship’. ” with Mod Sun.

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Avril Lavigne’s romance with Tyga is over because she doesn’t want to be ‘tied down’

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At the beginning of 2023, rumors began to spread that Lavigne found comfort in the arms of rapper Tyga. The unexpected pairing raised eyebrows online, with fans wondering how their contrasting styles and backgrounds fit together. As their relationship blossomed, they were often seen together at public events and shared affectionate posts on social media.

However, insiders are now revealing that Lavigne’s motivations for pursuing her romance with Tyga were more complex than meets the eye. Daily Mail.

A source close to the pop star suggested that Lavigne never saw Tyga as a long-term partner, instead seeing their relationship as a rebound and decided to end it so she wouldn’t feel “tied down.” According to them, Lavigne sought comfort in Tyga and used him to distance herself from her “toxic” relationship with musician Mod Sun.

“This is what he came down to. Avril didn’t want to lock herself into anything. Tyga bounced back and helped her get out of her toxic relationship with Mod Sun,” the source told the outlet.

“She didn’t cheat on Mod Sun with Tyga”

Mod Sun and Avril Lavigne

In light of her public appearances with Tyga, many fans speculated that she cheated on ex-fiancé Mod Sun with the “Taste” rapper; however, according to a source Daily MailLavigne’s close friend came forward to shed light on the situation.

The source confirmed that Lavigne did not cheat on Mod Sun with Tyga despite the misconceptions and speculation in the media.

“Avril didn’t cheat on Mod. She was just over his BS and was easily distracted by Tyga,” the insider revealed.

Mod Sun, real name Derek Smith, is a singer-songwriter and rapper known for his alternative rock and pop-punk sound. He was engaged to Lavigne and even planned to give her a wedding fit for a princess, but was “blindsided” by his decision to end their relationship in February.

Avril Lavigne and Tyga are ‘still friends’

Singer Avril Lavigne and Tyga walk the Y/Project runway in Paris

Following their recent split, it was reported that Lavigne and Tyga have managed to remain friends and have ended their romantic relationship on amicable terms. TMZ.

According to a source speaking to the news portal, the couple ended their relationship “a few weeks ago” with no hard feelings, as it was a “mutual decision”.

While they may have decided to remain friends, a source who spoke to the Daily Mail shared that it was unlikely to “have a snack together or go to the movies, anytime, ever.”

“They come from different worlds and their worlds do not overlap. It was good for what it was,” the source added.

Avril Lavigne is taking things slow

Avril Lavigne poses without a bra under a black jacket
Instagram | Avril Lavigne

An insider close to the “Sk8er Boi” singer revealed that it will most likely be a period of self-reflection and personal growth after her recent split with Tyga.

The insider told the Daily Mail that Lavigne feels she called it quits during her “brief fling” with the rapper “when she needed to,” and is in no rush to jump into another romantic relationship.

“He was in no rush to get into it and in no rush to get out of it. He is also in no rush to get into a new relationship with anyone,” the source shared.

They continued: “He just needed this relationship to get him out of the space he was in. It motivated her to move on from Mod Sun and proved to her that she can still find love, or in this case, lust, if needed.”

“He’s not going to talk nonsense about Tyga.” He’s perfectly fine with it being over and looking forward to being single. He doesn’t feel overwhelmed by the situation at all,” added the insider.

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