The NYC doctor is working overtime to reverse this past trend

It looks like “cartoon character” brazilian butt lift not so popular anymore. One NYC doctor makes a killing and makes reversals.

The Brazilian Butt Lift is not that popular anymore

Blac Chyna arrives at Delilah in Los Angeles in a leopard print bodysuit

The once extremely popular procedure is taking a backseat to more subtle procedures such as lip fillers and non-surgical facelifts. Fifth Avenue plastic surgeon Dr. Ryan Neinstein reveals that his high-end clientele pays $25,000 for a reversal.

A Brazilian butt lift is when fat from a more fleshy part of the body is transferred to the buttocks. The procedure has become very popular in Hollywood, and while many celebrities don’t bother to have it done, some DGAF and show off their enhanced BBL.

Cardi B, Nicki Minaj and Amber Rose have all been candid about the procedure. whereas it is highly suspected that other celebrities have also undergone the low-risk procedure; Kylie Jenner went from a shapeless body to an hourglass figure, her sister Kim Kardashian is also suspected of undergoing the procedure to enhance her already thick cakes, Iggy Azalea and even Sofia Vergara.

Dr. Ryan Neinstein’s office is busy

A New York doctor is working overtime to reverse this once-fashionable procedure

“Interestingly, a lot of (the calls we get) are for patients who want to reverse surgery they had done elsewhere. While it is easy to experiment with new styles in clothing and hairstyles, in my opinion, surgery should aim for timeless beauty,” says the doctor in an exclusive interview with the newspaper. Page six.

He says his “most common” procedure now is to reverse patients who are past it or regret doing it in the first place. “These women can’t be comfortable walking down the street in their own skin looking like a cartoon character.”

Dr. Neinstein explains in detail how he performs the procedure. “I usually have to shrink and tighten my bottom and shape the adjacent areas to give it a more proportionate and elegant look.”

He notes that these procedures are most commonly performed in South Florida and Columbia, but he also performs the procedure in his office if people don’t want a reversal. In an IG post, the doc brags about his work.

“Better not bigger #bblsurgery,” he writes next to a collage of before and after pictures of one of his procedures. “He strove for better harmony from the back to the waist to the thighs to the 🍑 High performing, driven patient (and surgeon 😀) whose goals are mutually aligned,” he writes.

Celebrities are jumping ship

Amber Rose takes her son Sebastian to lunch at a local Deli in Bel-Air

THE reverse surgery they talk about it more than now. Blac Chyna has decided to remove her surgical silicone (another version of BBL) and no longer use files. K. Michelle was very vocal about having the injections removed and the four surgeries due to complications.

Cardi also admitted that she has slightly reduced her BBL. “I had surgery in August and removed 95% of (the biopolymers)… if you don’t know what that is, it’s a shot,” he candidly said on IG Live.

He also encouraged his fans NOT to buy into the hype and take the shots, saying it’s not worth it.

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