The ‘Million Dollar Listing’ Star Used The ‘Fertility Guidebook’ To Conceive

Star of “Million Dollar Listing NYC”. Kirsten Jordan she is a proud and grateful mother of three children.

However, she never thought motherhood would be a possibility due to years of fertility struggles.

The explosion he only learned that Kirsten had been told she could never have children. The reality TV star spent a fortune and tried everything to no avail.

The “Million Dollar Listing” star has struggled with fertility for several years

It wasn’t until then Dr Christina Burns entered Kirsten’s life that her life would grow and change exponentially.

The method Kirsten used to conceive her three children will all be described in Dr Burns’ new book, “The Ultimate Fertility Guide.” Dr. Burns has an 85% success rate out of 5,000 patients!

Until now, the MDLNYC star has not spoken publicly about her fertility struggles or pregnancy journey.

Kirsten Jordan Talks About Her Fertility Journey!

“This book is wonderful; it truly is the ultimate guide to all things fertility. Whether we try it naturally or through IVF,” said Kirsten. “Carries food, supplements, herbs, acupuncture and more to help you conceive. This BOOK is for everyone who wants to increase their chances of fertility regardless of travel.”

“The Ultimate Fertility Guide” a holistic approach to fertility that helps readers take charge of their reproductive destiny naturally. will be released on March 21.

It comprehensively breaks down the science behind how lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise, clean living, and emotional balance can prevent conception or pave the way for a baby.

Dr. Christina Burns Guide to Fertility Worked for Kirsten!

Courtesy of Dr. Christina Burns

This “Ultimate Guide” to Getting Pregnant NOW, inspired by the wisdom of naturopathy.

Dr. Burns is one of the best integrative fertility specialists in New York City, and after overcoming her own fertility challenges with the help of holistic medicine, Dr. Christina Burns offers an honest and trusted guide to getting pregnant naturally.

He has helped thousands of women conceive (including celebrities) during his almost two decades of work in this field.

The guide outlines how to identify the underlying cause of your fertility problem and how to take steps with daily lifestyle changes to conceive a healthy pregnancy.

“This is THE BOOK for everyone who wants to increase their chances of fertility”

Courtesy of Dr. Christina Burns

The main mission of this book is to provide a simple and easy guide with proven tactics to help women tune into their body’s natural “language” and increase their chances of conceiving.

The book introduces readers to the four fertility enemies (The Big Four) that can jeopardize their efforts to conceive. These culprits—inflammation, insulin, stress, and toxicity—are more persistent in women’s lives today than any preexisting medical condition.

What makes this book different: The tone of the book is fast-paced and conversational, making the information relatable, less intimidating, and easy to implement. The content and recommendations are the accumulation of the author’s 2 decades of clinical experience and evidence from well-regarded research in nutrition, acupuncture, herbal medicine, mindfulness, and more.

Many celebrities have struggled with their fertility. Chrissy Teigen, Paris Hilton, Amy Schumer and several have opened up publicly about their fertility highs, lows, and everything in between.

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