The lineup for the 2023 San Francisco Film Festival has been revealed

Other notable films at the festival include “Past Lives,” “Mama Earth,” “Dalíland” and “Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret.”

The Sundance documentary “Stephen Curry: Underrated” and the SXSW television premiere of “I’m a Virgo” will open and close SFFILM, the 66th annual San Francisco International Film Festival.

SFFILM has unveiled the festival’s full lineup, including opening and closing credits. The Bay Area Film Festival, which screens in theaters in San Francisco, Oakland and Berkeley, hosts 43 feature films, 29 shorts or “mid-length” films and one TV screening (“I’m a Virgin”). Both the directors behind “I’m a Virgo” and “Underrated” — Boots Riley and Peter Nicks — grew up in the Bay Area, Oakland to be exact. Other films from Bay Area filmmakers whose projects will be screened include W. Kamau Bell’s “1000% Me: Growing Up Mixed,” Savanah Leaf’s “Earth Mama” and Babak Jalali’s “Fremont.”

“It’s SFFILM Festival season again, and I can’t wait to share this year’s program with local audiences,” said Jessie Fairbanks, Director of Programming at SFFILM. “The lineup features a wealth of Bay Area filmmakers in each section and highlights new—and seminal—works by accomplished filmmakers. Dedicated to presenting evocative stories, our curatorial team prioritized films that unite us all through cinematic expression and outstanding narrative craft. We continue SFFILM’s legacy of bringing international work to the bay with stories from 37 countries and an exciting lineup of emerging artists. Now in its third year, half of this thematically diverse program is directed by female or non-binary filmmakers, and we are very proud to share these stories with festival attendees.”

In addition to openers and closing acts, festival highlights include Celine Song’s acclaimed Sundance premiere, a centerpiece screening of “Past Lives,” the U.S. premiere of “American Psycho” director Mary Harron’s latest film, the Toronto debut of “Dalíland,” and a free screening. Judy Blume’s adaptation of Are You There God? It’s me, Margaret.

During each screening, several special awards are presented to the filmmakers. Documentary filmmaker Mark Cousins ​​will receive the Persistence of Vision Award during a screening of his documentary “The March on Rome,” while his other film, “My Name is Alfred Hitchcock,” will also be screened during the festival. The Mel Novikoff Award will be presented by the documentary production company Firelight Media during the presentation of Stanley Nelson’s film The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution. Matt Johnson’s “BlackBerry” will receive the Sloan Science on Screen Award, presented jointly by SFFILM and the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.

Films screened at the festival will be eligible for the juried Golden Gate Awards, which honor films in the following categories: New Directors Award, Best McBaine Documentary, Best McBaine Bay Area Documentary, Best Mid-Length Film, Cine Latino Award, Best Narrative Short, Best documentary short, best animated short, best Bay Area short, best family short and best youth work short.

The San Francisco International Film Festival runs from April 13th to the 23rd. Check out the full festival lineup below.

Narratives: USA

“Are you there God? It’s me, Margaret” (Kelly Fremon Craig)
“BlackBerry” (Matthew Johnson, California Premiere)
“Dalíland” (Mary Harron, US premiere)
“Dreamin’ Wild” (Bill Pohland, California Premiere)
“Earth Mama” (Savanah Leaf, California Premiere)
“Fremont” (Babak Jalali, California Premiere)
“Lives Ahead” (Celine Song, California Premiere)
“I’m a Virgin” (Boots Riley, California Premiere)

Narratives: International

“Animalia (Parmi Nous)” (Sofia Alaoui, California Premiere)
“La Hija de todas las Rabias” (Laura Baumeister, Bay Area Premiere)
“Ernest & Celestine: Journey to Gibberitia” (Julien Chheng and Jean-Christophe Roger, California Premiere)
“The Gravity (La Gravite)” (Cédric Ido, California Premiere)
“I Have Electric Dreams (Tengo Sueños Eléctricos)” (Bay Area Premiere by Valentina Maurel)
“L’Immensità” (Emanuele Crialese, California Premiere)
“Love & Mathematics” (Amor y matemáticas) (Claudia Sainte-Luce, Bay Area Premiere)
“Luxembourg, Luxembourg” (Bay Area Premiere by Antonio Lukich)
“Martinez” (Lorena Padilla, California premiere)
“Peafowl (Gong-jak-sae)” (Byun Sung-bin, North American Premiere)
“The Pod Generation” (Sophie Barthes, California Premiere)
“Snow and the Bear (Kar ve Ayi)” (Selcen Ergun, Bay Area Premiere)
“Something You Said Last Night” (Luis De Filippis, US premiere)
“Stone Turtle” (Woo Ming Jin, California premiere)
“Vincenta B.” (Carlos Lechuga, California Premier)

Documentaries: USA

“Bad Press” (Rebecca Landsberry-Baker and Joe Peeler, California Premiere)
“Being Mary Tyler Moore” (James Adolphus, California Premiere)
The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution (Stanley Nelson)
“Confessions of a Good Samaritan” (Penny Lane, California Premiere)
“Home is a Hotel” (Kevin Duncan Wong, Tod Sills and Kar Yin Tham, World Premiere)
“Hummingbird” (Estefanía Contreras and Silvia Del Carmen Castaños, California Premiere)
“Invisible Beauty” (Bethann Hardison and Frédéric Tcheng, California Premiere)
“Joan Baez I Am A Noise” (Miri Navasky, Maeve O’Boyle and Karen O’Connor, California Premiere)
“King Coal” (Elaine McMillion Sheldon)
“Rally” (Rooth Tang, world premiere)
“Stephen Curry: Underrated” (Peter Nicks, California Premiere)
“STILL: The Michael J. Fox Movie” (Davis Guggenheim, California Premiere)
“The Tuba Thieves” (Alison O’Daniel, California Premiere)

Documentaries: International

“Against the Tide” (Sarvnik Kaur, California premiere)
“La Bonga” (Sebastián Pinzón Silva and Canela Reyes, California premiere)
“The Deepest Breath” (Laura McGann, California Premiere)
“The March on Rome” (Mark Cousins, California premiere)
“Mariupolis 2” (Manta Kvedaravičius, Bay Area Premiere)
“Milisuthando” (Milisuthando Bongela, California premiere)
“My Name Is Alfred Hitchcock” (Mark Cousins, Bay Area Premiere)
“Smoke Sauna Sisterhood” (Anna Hints, California Premiere)

Family Workshop

“Mushka” (Andreas Deja, world premiere)

They are medium length

“1000% Me: Growing Up Mixed” (W. Kamau Bell, California Premiere)
“Creating Things” (Bryan Simpson, California Premiere)
“Southern Afternoon” (Tian Lan, North American Premiere)

“What These Walls Won’t Hold” (Adamu Chan, World Premiere)
“Sol in the Garden” (Emily Cohen Ibañez and Débora Souza Silva, world premiere)
“How We Get Free” (Geeta Gandbhir, California Premiere)

“The Abduction of the Bride” (Sophia Mocorrea, California Premiere)
“Balikbayan” (Rebecca Rajadnya, California Premiere)
“No More Longing” (Connor Lee O’Keefe, world premiere)


Shorts 1: Generations
“Nǎi Nai & Wài Pó (Grandmother and Grandmother)” (Sean Wang, California Premiere)
“Carrion” (Yvonne Zhang, California Premiere)
“Mancha” (Nicole Mejia, California Premiere)
“Still Waters” (Aurora Brachman, California Premiere)
“The Melting Creatures (Las criaturas que se derriten bajo el sol)” (Diego Céspedes, California premiere)
“I’m in the Kitchen Now” (Yana Pan, US Premiere)
“Rest Stop” (Crystal Kayiza, California premiere)

Shorts 2: Traditions
“By Water” (Bay Area Premiere by Iyabo Kwayana)
“Sèt Lam” (Vincent Fontano, California Premiere)
“After We’re Gone” (Ima Iduozee, California Premiere)
“I Am Home” (Bay Area Premiere by Kymon Greyhorse)
“Addresses (Direcciones)” (Maria Luisa Santos and Carlo Nasisse, Bay Area Premiere)
“Cloistered” (Catherine Finsness, world premiere)
“Birdsong” (Omi Zola Gupta and Sparsh Ahuja, California Premiere)

Shorts 3: The Body
“Persona” (Moon Su-jin)
“How to Carry Water” (Sasha Wortzel, North American Premiere)
“And Then I Was Here” (Alex Stergiou, California Premiere)
“Regard Silence (Mira el silencio)” (Santiago Zermeño, North American Premiere)

Short films 4: Family films
“New Moon” (Jeff Le Bars and Jérémie Balais)
“Pete” (Bret Parker)
“The Wind and the Trees” (Todd Stewart, California Premiere)
“Kintsugi” (Cleto Acosta-McKillop, California premiere)
“El Moño” (Luis Fernando Puente and Lizde Arias, Bay Area Premiere)
“Swing to the Moon” (Marie Bordessoule, Chloé Lauzu, Adriana Bouissié, Vincent Levrero, Nadine De Boer, Solenne
Moreau and Elisa Drique)
“With a Ball of Wool (Con un Ovillo de Lana)” (Belén Ricardes, California Premiere)
“Dipsas Speaks” (Craig Daniel Leon)
“A Labor of Love” (Richard O’Connor)
“Code Rose” (Taye Cimon, Pierre Coëz, Julie Groux, Sandra Leydier, Manuarii Morel and Romain Seisson, California premiere)

Shorts 5: Youth works
“Rational Functions” (Esmé Nix, Bay Area Premiere)
“Our Days in Dongshi” (Hsiang-Yu Li, Tse-Ling Huang, Po-Wen Yen and Hsin-Yi Hung, California premiere)
“The Sound” (Cole Willis, California premiere)
“My Sisters in the Stars: The Story of Lee Yong-soo” (Ian Kim, Bay Area Premiere)
“He grew up with memory loss | My 16th Birthday Gift” (Bay Area Premiere by Keertana Sreekumar)
“Parental Orbit” (Dara Carneol, California Premiere)
“Hop Heel Drop” (Sania Bhatia)
“An island in the middle of the sea” (Alberto Montull)
“American Ball Game” (Teja Mettu and Krish Mysoor, World Premiere)
“Shopworn” (Athena Cheris, California Premiere)
“The Outer-Inner Monologue of Interdependent Insomnia” (Julian Felix Aaronson, California Premiere)

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