The Last of Us: Bella Ramsey practicing her American accent while swearing

“The character that I play in this series, The Last of Us, Ellie swears every two seconds,” the “Game of Thrones” alum said.

British actress Bella Ramsey used swear words to master an American accent.

The “Last of Us” actress and “Game of Thrones” alum revealed on “The Late Late Show with James Corden” that key swear words helped her transform into post-apocalyptic video game character Ellie in the upcoming sci-fi series. .

“I had a dialect coach, which was helpful,” Ramsey said of her American accent for the role. “The first phrase I learned was ‘olive oil.’ Very hard like “olive oil”.

The next word Ramsey learned to say without a British accent was a swear word he picked up on the “Late Late Show.” The star, who was born in Leicestershire, England, was praised by interviewee Regina Hall, who said that “that’s really all it takes” to know American expressions.

Ramsey continued: “Yes, because the character I play in this show, ‘The Last of Us,’ Ellie, swears every two seconds. So that was definitely important. There are so many (curse words).

The “Catherine Called Birdy” star previously said that Ellie’s R-rated lexicon is what helps her relate to the role.

“A lot of my relationship with Ellie comes from her love of puns and swearing,” Ramsey said. “Ellie actually taught me how to curse and how to do it well.”

Ramsey and “The Last of Us” co-star Pedro Pascal also dealt with fan backlash over their respective castings, with Ramsey admitting he had to mute his comments on social media.

At IndieWire, Ben Travers applauded Ramsey’s performance, writing in his review that he was “excellent” as the teenage runaway alongside Pascal.

“The new drama there is better than any video game adaptation i can think of and this there is a top-notch, often terrifying zombie adventure,” Travers wrote. “It’s also contemporary, outlining and exploring the fears of living with COVID-19 in a way that’s unmistakable to anyone who’s been aware of the past few years. But relegating ‘The Last of Us’ to any pre-defined genre, pre-set box or time period does a disservice to the serious and broadly applicable themes we’ve tackled throughout.”


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