The Golden Globes have expanded the voting body for 2024

A new total of 310 voters cast their ballots for the Hollywood Foreign Press Association award, which is set for January 7, 2024.

The Golden Globes are getting closer to a more modern voting body.

The award ceremony presented an expanded voting circle in the direction of racial diversity ahead of the 81st annual ceremony to be held on January 7, 2024.

The racial breakdown is 25 percent Latino, 14 percent Asian, 10 percent black, 9 percent Middle Eastern, and 42 percent white. At least 17 percent of the voting body identifies as LGBTQIA+.

“We exceeded our goal of reaching 300 voters for the upcoming 81st Annual Golden Globe Awards thanks to an extensive global recruitment effort,” said Helen Hoehne, president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA). “We are thrilled to have achieved unprecedented success in building a truly global electorate, with 58 percent of voters identifying as ethnically diverse.”

The Golden Globe Awards came under fire in February 2021 after it was revealed that the HFPA had no black members. The director of diversity position was created when NBC took the awards show off the air. By October 2021, new members were added to increase racial and gender diversity. The Golden Globes are back on the air in 2023.

According to a press release, the upcoming 2024 Golden Globe Awards will see an increase in diversity and an increase in the number of new countries represented. The voting body currently represents a total of 76 countries, including international voters from newly added countries such as Cameroon, Costa Rica, Cuba, Guatemala, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Serbia and Tanzania.

“Efforts to identify, engage and actively recruit diverse voters are strong evidence of the Golden Globes’ commitment to delivering on its promise to expand and reshape itself,” said Neil Phillips, HFPA Chief Diversity Officer. “This shows that with the right leadership, effective community partnerships and unwavering focus, we can achieve remarkable and transformative diversity growth.”

Criteria for international voters include living outside the United States and having proven entertainment journalism clippings in international media, including print, broadcast, radio, photography and the Internet. These applications were judged and qualified by the Mandate Review Committee, which consists of the majority of external, independent journalists and entertainment professionals. International voters are subject to the Golden Globe Awards Code of Conduct. Biographies, photos and a list of stores will be updated soon on the Golden Globe website.

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