The ‘Girls’ actress revealed she tipped a masseuse who ‘subtly’ assaulted her

Jenny Mollen revealed in a blog this week that it is was sexually abused during the massage, and his subsequent actions were astounding.

Jenny Mollen details the horrific experience

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The actress who has guest starred in shows like Girls Suits and chicago fire, he couldn’t believe his body’s reaction after being violated in what was supposed to be a safe place.

He announced the news via a blog written with Diablo Cody on Substack. The writing project poses a question, and Diablo and Mollen respond with a story. This time Mollen was asked:Tell me a time when you were molestedhe continued the story.


“I was invited to the Millennium Spa for a special massage and an adaptogen-infused latte, with the understanding that I would speak positively about the experience on social media.” He invited his mother to experience this with him.

“Despite her initial comments to respect my space and modesty, the therapist didn’t try to avoid my bottom and didn’t seem self-conscious about getting too close to my breasts.” The creepy massage therapist asked Mollen questions like, “Can I get it right here,” and whispered in her ear. WTF!

Jenny Mollen stopped her… Finally

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Mollen shared that even though she was uncomfortable, he allowed her to continue her work. Lying on her back, he rubbed her breast, which was said to be part of the massage, and then “his hand moved to my vagina.”

Mollen felt like she was “hallucinating” and “frozen with shock.” She tried to take it further until Mollen managed to muster up the courage to remind this random man that she was a very uninterested married woman.

Mollen got married American Pie The star is Jason Biggs since 2008. She admits that at first she thought it was all in her head and found it touching while a bit much was “harmless”, but came to terms as things started to get weirder.

He says of the 2020 incident: “It was a slow and subtle attack that I felt somehow complicit in.”

Jenny Mollen continued to live with the trauma

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After the massage is over, Mollen recalls the masseuse waiting for him: “‘I’m sorry about everything again.’ He told her after initially apologizing when she gave him a stern, loud “no” in the room.

He also asked her to keep it “between us” because she could “fire him” as if he had offered her some kind of premium service. Mollen spent the rest of her time being kind to that slip, because that’s what trauma will do to you.

He encouraged her to book again and promised it wouldn’t happen again. He even raised his children to make himself feel better; “Two boys are terrifying. I have to be very careful not to raise two little rapists.


“Although my massage was free, I still paid for my mother’s treatment and even left a thirty percent tip for both services before I left. I don’t know what I was thinking, and I don’t know if I was thinking. I just wanted to speed up the process and get out before anyone noticed anything was wrong.”

He told his mother on the way home, and afterwards he feared for his life. “When I told my mother what had happened, her face fell. “I’m going back there!” she exclaimed.

“No!” I protested, “We can’t. I don’t want him to know who I am or where I live. I was afraid like children are afraid. None of my thoughts were rational. I just wanted to get under my covers and hide.

Jenny Mollen tried to get justice

Honorary dinner of the Hospital for Special Surgery

After gathering her mental strength, she contacted the spa, which essentially tried to turn things around, and when that didn’t help, she went to the police.

“I went to the police station to ask more questions. There I learned that a formal complaint must be filed; I have to go downtown to the Special Victims Unit for questioning. The masseur is arrested at his home. They were then brought in and told about the events. That would be a back and forth against mine. Most cases do not go to court, but if they did, my writing and other public information about me could and would be used against me.”

According to Mollen, who occasionally looks up to him, he still works at the spa to this day.

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