The family of the Arby’s manager who died in the freezer is suing for $1 million

In a tragic incident, one Arby’s restaurant In Louisiana, a 63-year-old CEO was found dead in a freezer. His children filed a lawsuit, claiming he was in a desperate attempt to escape, leaving his hands bloody.

According to preliminary reports, the cause of death was hypothermia, and the lawsuit alleges gross negligence on the part of the restaurant. The family is looking for him 1 million dollars in compensation.

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Nguyet Le was found dead in her son’s Arby’s walk-in freezer

Arby's manager who died in freezer, allegedly

As reported The explosion Earlier this month, Arby’s manager Nguyen Le was found dead in the restaurant’s freezer.. Now, a lawsuit filed by her children claims she “bloodied her hands” trying to escape the extreme temperatures of the freezer.

At the time of his death, Le, 63, was working as general manager at an Arby’s location in New Iberia, Louisiana, owned by Turbo Restaurants, a franchise company owned by Sun Holdings. CBS News.

The unfortunate discovery of Le’s body was made by her son Nguyen when he arrived for his shift on May 11. According to the lawsuit, Le was trapped in the freezer because it was dropped in the place where it was opened before anything else. employees arrived.

Arby's manager who died in freezer, allegedly

An investigating officer noted that the inside of the freezer door was covered in blood, “leading to the conclusion that Ms. Le panicked when she locked herself in and hit her hands bloody while trying to escape or get someone’s attention.”

“He eventually collapsed into a fetal position on the frozen floor, face down,” the lawsuit added. People magazine.

The lawsuit also highlights a company policy that requires the freezer to be kept at a temperature of at least -10 degrees Fahrenheit, “if not colder.”

The Arby’s restaurant reportedly failed to repair the broken latch

Instagram | Arby’s

According to the lawsuit, preliminary reports indicated the girl’s cause of death was hypothermia. However, CBS News stated that the exact cause of death has not yet been determined and that investigators do not suspect foul play, as the family’s attorney said in a press release.

The lawsuit also states that the restaurant’s area manager knew that the latch on the freezer door was broken, causing a dangerous condition. The document states, “Turbo Restaurants has known of an extremely hazardous condition at its restaurant since at least August 2022.”

However, the suit argues that they “acted with conscious indifference when they failed to repair the latch for nearly 9 months. This was the proximate cause of Ms Le’s death.” Employees allegedly had to use a screwdriver to open and close the freezer door, using a can of oil to open it, as detailed in the lawsuit.

Nguyet Le’s children are seeking more than $1 million in damages

Arby's manager who died in freezer, allegedly

Le was a widow and the mother of four children, including her eldest son, Nguyen, who lived with her because of his disability.

According to People, the family of the deceased has filed a lawsuit against Turbo Restaurants, Sun Holdings (the franchise company) and Inspire Brands (Arby’s parent company) alleging gross negligence. They are demanding a jury trial and seeking damages in excess of $1 million.

The purpose of the family’s lawsuit is to hold the defendants liable as they seek all possible damages under the law for their wrongfully deceased beneficiary, including loss of consortium, past and future mental anguish, conscious pain and suffering, loss of support, and love and loss of love. .

Responding to the incident, an Arby’s spokesperson issued a statement CBS News expressing its awareness of the tragic event and confirming the franchisee’s full cooperation with local authorities during the investigation. “Franchisee is fully cooperating with local authorities during the investigation. As this is an active investigation, we have deferred any further comment to State Police Headquarters,” the spokesperson said.

Arby’s employee caught urinating in a smoothie container

Arby's Milkshake
Instagram | Arby’s

In an earlier incident that received widespread attention, an Arby’s manager found himself at the center of a scandal last year. Insider reported that Stephen Sharp, the manager in question, was arrested in Washington state after he was caught on surveillance footage urinating into a smoothie bowl at one of the fast food chain’s stores. Shockingly, Sharp admitted to the authorities that he had committed the disgusting act “for sexual gratification”.

Word of this incident spread quickly and left many people shocked and disgusted by Sharp’s actions. A spokesperson for the restaurant expressed its strong condemnation, describing the behavior as “disgusting and unacceptable”.

The franchise group swiftly terminated Sharp’s employment and promised full cooperation with the authorities during the investigation. However, the incident raises serious concerns about food safety and the responsibility of fast food chain management to ensure the quality and integrity of the food they serve.

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