The Elliot site shows the scars of gender confirmation surgery

Elliot Page is all about self-love this summer!

The Canadian actor formerly known as Ellen came out as a transgender man in 2020. Over the years, the TV personality has kept fans informed about her transition, along with body positivity and gender acceptance.

The Oscar nominee, who often serves as a source of inspiration, recently spoke about the positive effects of gender-affirming care after feeling uncomfortable in her own skin. Read on to learn more about the host’s story.

Elliot Page reflects on his past struggles with gender dysphoria in a touching message of gratitude

Elliot Page appreciates his body
Instagram|elliot page

On May 10, the “Trailer Park Boys” actor updated his Instagram page with a glowing selfie. In the shirtless picture, the 36-year-old man flaunting his body flashed a sexy wink and grin to the camera while enjoying the warm rays of the sun.

The Atlantic Film Festival honoree donned a baseball cap with a silver chain necklace for the outdoor post. Although the image does not show the performer’s full body, viewers could see the Canadian’s chiseled abs.

Another feature that couldn’t be missed in the moment were the chest scars from the actor’s temporary surgery. The “X-Men: The Last Stand” star talked about the journey that gave birth to these tickets and wrote a touching message about her past.

“Dysphoria was especially prevalent in the summer. No layers, just a t-shirt — or layers, and oh how sweaty — constantly looking down, adjusting my big T,” Page explained in the caption.

“It feels really good to soak in the sun right now. I never thought I could experience this, the joy I feel in my body,” continued the Hollywood sensation, expressing his gratitude for the successful change.

“I am so grateful for what gender affirming care has enabled me to do and look forward to sharing more about my journey soon. #transjoy,” concluded the Satellite Award recipient. The page’s powerful message has received more than 900,000 likes and numerous comments from followers.

Members of the trans community shared their support, while others noted that the TV personality’s openness inspired them on her journey. “It makes me happy! I will have top surgery in FIFTY days! Thanks for the reminder!” tweeted an enthusiastic person.

Elliot Page at the 11th Annual LACMA Art + Film Gala, 2022

“This is my first summer surgery after upper surgery. Wearing tops is my new favorite. So liberating! Thank you for inspiring so many!” another trans fan praised the Canadian actor.

“So grateful to experience this new and free expression of you!” a third person stated. Celebrities have joined the support train as Dr. Karen Y. Tang writes:

“Gender Affirmative Care MEDICAL CARE. It treats a potentially fatal medical condition and brings people back to life. I am so happy to see your joy and euphoria – everyone deserves to feel that in their own body!”

Singer-songwriter Debbie Gibson shared similar sentiments, commenting, “I’m so happy for you and the light you spread. Everyone deserves to be happy and to be their authentic self and to feel at home in their body. Congratulations.”

The Trans Icon raved about her excitement after collecting her first passport Like a man

Last July, “The Umbrella Academy” star warmed the hearts of her Instagram followers with her first passport photo since transitioning. The 36-year-old shared the adorable picture alongside a caption detailing his happiness.

“I never thought I’d love a passport photo,” the TV personality captioned the snap, seen in a black T-shirt while staring blankly into the camera. Several fans matched the entertainer’s excitement by sharing messages of support in the comments.

Elliot Page has muscles on Instagram
Instagram | Elliot Page

The Canadian heartthrob has won recognition for her bravery since coming out as trans in an impassioned open letter on social media. The explosion reported that the Teen Choice Award winner joined Gucci’s A-list earlier this year.

The “Freeheld” producer was cast alongside rapper A$AP Rocky and actress Julia Garner for his first fragrance campaign. The trio were the latest ambassadors for Gucci’s Guilty perfume, and the brand’s commercial was officially released in March.

Teasing their collaboration with the actor, the fashion brand shared a picture of Page on their Instagram account. In the picture, the entertainer was seen in a colorful Hawaiian shirt, looking confidently into the camera.

Fans rushed to the comments with praise, noting how proud they were of the trance icon. “So cute,” one person wrote, while another chimed in. “Good for her.” Additionally, others applauded Gucci for the inclusivity of its ad casting.

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