The crediting of Cardi B’s claims has ‘changed’ since she filed for divorce

American rapper and songwriter cardi b revealed the status of her marriage to a member of Migos, Offsetclaiming that he changed for her after she filed for divorce in 2020.

The “Bodak Yellow” singer filed for divorce in 2020, stating that their union was “irretrievably damaged” and that there was “no prospect of reconciliation.”

The couple first sparked romance rumors in 2017 and secretly married in September of the same year. Offset was accused of adultery when Cardi B announced their divorce, but now she thinks he has changed his ways.

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Cardi B says the offset has changed since she filed for divorce

Cardi B and her husband Offset

‘Wap”s antics were revealed during his guest appearance on the first episode of ‘Wap’The Jason Lee Show,” on which her husband has changed since filing for divorce almost three years ago.

“Me and Offset didn’t see eye to eye,” she said, adding, “It was like I filed for divorce in the same year and everything.”

“I’ll let him talk about that, because the main thing that really bothered me, I let him talk about.” Insider. “I want him to tell me because I feel like it’s really part of his story.”

“The main thing is that I wanted him to stop and everything, he stopped and changed and it showed that he wanted to change for me,” Cardi B added.

Cardi B filed for divorce in 2020

Cardi B, shift

The “Hustlers” actress filed for divorce, claiming the Migos rapper was unfaithful. Based on People magazineCardi B has confirmed that rumors of her infidelity at the time were accurate.

– No, it’s not right for a (n***a) to cheat… But what do you want me to do? he wrote. “Fuck another scumbag? Start all over and cheat on me again? This sh*t happens to everyone and me, you too… People handle their relationships differently, eh.

After discovering that Offset had cheated yet again, Cardi B filed for divorce in Atlanta. He claimed that their marriage was “irretrievably broken” and that there was “no prospect of reconciliation”.

She filed for divorce to teach a lesson

Cardi B: 'I wanted to kill myself' after prostitution allegations

Cardi B expressed her “happiness” that she and Offset have overcome some of their “toughest challenges” in a Oh! Daily pop interview.

“We’ve been through some challenges. You need to learn more (about each other),” he said. “I feel like I’ve never been happier.” The rapper added, “I feel like it’s not just with marriage, but with our family and our unity, our friendship. The ‘I have your back, you have my back.’ It has never been stronger.”

As reported PeopleCardi B claimed that she filed for divorce to teach him a ‘royal lesson’.

“If I want to go to extremes to teach a lesson and file for divorce, I can,” he said. “This is my life. I don’t get any abuse.”

“If we work things out, we’ll sit down and work things out, and I’ll tell a *** what I don’t like and what I want to change, when he tells me what he wants to change, what he wants you to stop doing,” he added. “Be Careful” rapper.

Cardi B recently called out for “ridiculous” grocery prices

Cardi B is spotted in Paris dressed as a green flower as she visits Schaperrili.

The rapper has been active on Twitter recently and has repeatedly expressed his displeasure over rising food and grocery prices. The 30-year-old rapper tweeted: “Naaaaaaa shopping prices are ridiculous right now. You can even eat outside!!”

“Bitch, why does a salad cost $6 where I live?” he asked in a moment it beeps.

A fan slammed the singer, saying she should stop complaining because she’s “rich as hell”. Cardi B responded in a video saying that talking about her big platform can help others who aren’t as rich as her.

“A salad was $2 a couple of months ago and now it’s like $7 … sure, I’m telling you something,” he said.

“If I think this shit is crazy, I can only imagine what the middle class people or the hooded people think, so yeah, I’m saying something.”

The rapper continued, “And I got a big platform so I want whoever is responsible for these f*cking prices to put that sh*t down. If they see my dick, maybe they’ll put me down. So shut the fuck up.”

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