The ‘Cheer’ coach is accused of trying to silence the victim

Netflix Cheering coach Monica Aldama it is packed another case of sexual harassment. He is accused of telling the victim to keep quiet.

Monica Aldama wanted no trouble

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THE Cheering The star was a confidant of student and cheerleader Madi Lane, who told her that teammate Salvatore “Salvo” Amico sexually assaulted her during her first semester at Navarro College in Corsicana, Texas.

According to Lane, the attack happened in 2021 after her former roommate invited a group of guys to their dorm room after a night of partying. Lane insisted he didn’t attend the party.

Cheer coach Monica Aldama encourages female students to remain silent after the attack

She remained in her room when Amico entered without permission, climbed into her bed and began undressing her. She screamed and begged him to stop, but Amico allegedly wouldn’t take no for an answer.

He groped her chest and stuck his fingers in before she could fight it off. When he went to coach Aldama about his teammate, he said, “Let’s not make a big deal out of it. I want the best for you and help you cheer wherever you want.”

Monica Aldama said to keep quiet

Cheer coach Monica Aldama encourages female students to remain silent after the attack

Lane decided it was in his best interest to leave the team altogether, and Aldama’s parting words to the scorned athlete were: “Shut up.” If he wanted to continue cheering at the collegiate level. He also added that he is another teammate and a popular face Cheering, Maddy Brum echoed the same threat.

“We won’t tell anyone. We’re just keeping it to ourselves,” Brum allegedly told Lane. He continued to put pressure on the team down at Lane if something like this came off. They could be reported and the program could be shut down.

Lane was able to transfer to the University of Texas Permian Basin cheerleading squad and continue his education there. But he insists his dream of competing for a national ranking was dashed because his former teammates and coaches “blackballed” him from other programs.

Involved in “Cheer” Scandal

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This is the second time the Netflix show has been wrapped up in a shameful sexual assault case. Back in 2020, Jerry Harris was arrested and charged with producing child pornography, obtaining nude images of minors, and allegedly asking minors for sex.

The former professional cheerleader allegedly knowingly sent inappropriate Snapchats containing pornographic images to 10-15 minors. The assassination allegedly took place between December 2018 and March 2020.

Harris was eventually sentenced to 12 years in prison and eight years of supervised release. Harris apologized to his victims, fans and anyone he may have disappointed.

“I am deeply sorry for the trauma my abuse has caused you. I pray deeply that your suffering will end. I’m not an evil person, I’m still learning who I am and what my purpose is.”

Netflix has yet to comment on the news. For season three Cheering not yet announced, the final season will premiere in January 2022.

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