The cause of death of the Queen of Rock’n’Roll, Tina Turner, has been revealed

According to reports Tina Turner, the queen of rock’n’roll, who just passed away at the age of 83, died of natural causes after a long illness. He battled colon cancer and high blood pressure for more than four decades.

In her memoir, Turner revealed that she considered assisted suicide in 2016 as she faced the possibility of her body shutting down. However, her husband, Erwin Bach, donated a kidney to her in 2017. In her final interview, Turner expressed her desire to be remembered as “the queen of rock ‘n’ roll. The woman who showed other women that it’s okay to strive for success on your own terms.”

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Tina Turner died of natural causes

Tina Turner spoke about her kidney problem two months before her death

The queen of rock’n’roll, Tina Turner, died in her idyllic home in Küsnach, Switzerland. According to the Daily Mail, the music icon’s cause of death was revealed to be natural causes at his home after a long illness. Although the exact nature of his illness has not been disclosed, Turner, 83, bravely battled bowel cancer and endured high blood pressure for more than four decades.

On May 24, Turner’s representatives released a statement announcing his passing. They expressed that “with him, the world is losing a musical legend and role model”.

Tina Turner’s Health Challenges

Tina Turner spoke about her kidney problem two months before her death

In the wake of his death, attention has turned to Turner’s memoir, which has resurfaced. On her pages, the iconic singer revealed that she thought about assisted suicide in 2016. In his memoir, Turner candidly reported on the challenges of the past years.

“It’s Gonna Be Alright” had several health issues. In 1978, he was diagnosed with high blood pressure, which over time worsened his kidney damage. In 2016, his battle with colon cancer began.

As his body shut down, he began to accept the idea of ​​death. Turner revealed that she joined an organization that helps people who are suicidal while mentally preparing for the possibility of death.

But during this difficult period, her husband and partner of 40 years, Erwin Bach, showed incredible love and support. In 2017, he selflessly donated one of his kidneys to her, giving her new hope and prolonging her life.

Tina Turner wants to be remembered as the Queen of Rock’n’Roll

Cindy Crawford pays narcissistic tribute to Tina Turner
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In what are believed to be his last public comments on April 9, 2023, Turner expressed his hopes for how he would be remembered and expressed his fearless attitude toward death.

When asked during an interview The Guardian how would like to be remembered, said the rock ‘n’ roll legend: ‘As the Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll. As a woman who showed other women that it’s okay to strive for success on your own terms.”

When asked about her fears as she got older, Turner confidently replied that nothing scares her. He added: “It’s the whole adventure of life and I take each day and take it with what it brings.”

The news of Turner’s death deeply saddened fans worldwide as his music touched the hearts of millions. The cultural icon was survived by two of her four sons and her husband, 67-year-old Erwin Bach.

Well-wishers pay tribute at his home in Switzerland

Tina Turner

With heart-warming love, fans gathered outside Turner’s lakeside residence in Switzerland on Thursday to honor the beloved music icon who has made the country his home for nearly 30 years.

The picturesque town of Kuesnacht, which lies on the shores of Lake Zurich, witnessed touching tributes as flowers and heartfelt postcards decorated the outside of Turner’s house.

Based on Daily Mail, A continuous flow of well-wishers made their way to the gate of the estate, lighting candles and leaving heartfelt messages for the famous singer. Turner’s timeless hits, including “What’s Love Got To Do with It?” and “Simply the Best” echoed through the heads of those paying their respects.

Tina Turner with her husband Erwin Bach
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Turner was fondly remembered by residents as a cherished neighbor who appreciated the relaxed and unassuming atmosphere his fellow townspeople provided during his leisurely strolls through the neighborhood.

Turner moved to Switzerland in 1995 with his longtime partner, Bach. In 2013, after marrying Bachhal, she decided to become a Swiss citizen and renounced her US citizenship, cementing her ties to her adopted home.

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