The cause of death of “Eight is Enough” actor Adam Rich has been revealed

The death of the former child star Rich Adamwho is best known for his role as Nicholas Bradford in the hit TV series ‘Eight Is Enough’ shocked many of his fans.

Rich was found dead in the early hours of January 7th at his then home in Los Angeles. The cause of his untimely death has now been shed light on the circumstances of his tragic death.

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Adam Rich’s cause of death

'Eight Is Enough' actor Adam Rich found dead at 54 in Los Angeles home

Adam Rich, who rose to fame in the late 1970s with the band Eight Is Enough, was found dead at his Los Angeles residence on January 7, 2023. The news of his death left fans in mourning for the talented actor who made a significant impact on television in his childhood.

A statement from the Los Angeles Medical Examiner’s Office confirmed that Rich’s cause of death was “the effects of fenanyl.” US Weekly.

Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid drug primarily used to treat severe pain, especially when other pain relievers are ineffective. It is believed to be one of the most powerful opioids available for medical use.

According to the news station, his death was classified as an accident, which indicated an overdose of the drug. He also had non-toxic amounts of alcohol and lorazepam, also known as Ativan, in his system.

No foul play in Adam Rich’s passing

Rich Adam

Based on TMZ, it was confirmed that no foul play was suspected in the actor’s death when his body was found six months ago. Rich’s body was found by the principal in the bathroom of his apartment, along with a white powder believed to be drugs.

After the first examination, medical experts thoroughly examined the circumstances of the actor’s death. Authorities concluded there was no foul play, although the cause of his death was not released at the time.

According to the news site, his body was found in a “slightly decomposed state” two days after “nobody heard from him”. The former child star struggled with drugs for years before his death. He was allegedly arrested once for trying to steal pills from a pharmacy.

Adam Rich’s representative mourned her in a heartfelt statement

'Eight Is Enough' actor Adam Rich found dead at 54 in Los Angeles home

Based on Fun tonight, the “Dungeons and Dragons” actor’s rep released a heartfelt statement expressing his grief and honoring the talented artist.

In a statement released, his representative expressed his deep sadness at the actor’s untimely death at the age of 54. The spokesperson called Rich a remarkable human being and “a warrior for humanity.”

“Adam was not just a warrior for eradicating the stigma of mental illness, he was a warrior for humanity. He had no ego. He genuinely cared about people. He was America’s little brother,” the statement said.

“He was loved by many, especially those who grew up with him and watched Eight is Enough or (Disney’s) The Devil and Max Devlin,” the statement continued. “She will be missed and cherished forever.”

He had previously entered the rehabilitation unit due to drug use

'Eight Is Enough' actor Adam Rich found dead at 54 in Los Angeles home

In 1992, Rich made the brave decision to enter a drug rehabilitation program and seek help for his substance abuse problems. CBS News. This pivotal moment in Rich’s life was a testament to his resilience and showed his unwavering desire to live a healthier and happier life at that time.

According to the news site, he entered the Betty Ford Clinic for cocaine addiction treatment after pleading guilty to burglary and drug charges, claiming he stole a syringe full of the drug from a hospital and broke into a pharmacy.

He was reportedly kicked out of another rehab program before enrolling at the Betty Ford Clinic after demanding pain medication.

Rich was also arrested for driving under the influence after driving into a closed lane of the freeway and nearly running over a California Highway Patrol car. Authorities reportedly smelled marijuana after pulling him over, but found nothing. However, he was arrested after failing a field sobriety test.

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