The best new movies on Netflix March 2023

Here are the best new originals and classic movies coming to Netflix this month.


© Courtesy of The Weinstein Company/Everett Collection

In many ways, March is the true start of the pop culture year. January is all about catching up on the December movies you missed out on during the holiday season, and February is a bleak dump of bad movies that couldn’t break even in other months. (The fact that “Cocaine Bear” was awesome complicates the matter a bit, but this exception proves the rule).

But March brings the Oscars, SXSW, and March Madness, and suddenly it feels like we’ve stepped out of the funk and are actually living in a new year. So, if you’re all caught up on your Oscar movies (or just sick of hearing about the Oscars), it’s time to dive into the latest list of new and classic movies coming to Netflix this month. Read on for seven of our favorites.

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