The Bella Twins are parting ways with WWE and taking on new names

The Bella Twins — Brie & Nikki are entering a new chapter with a huge announcement!

Since debuting in WWE in 2007 as the Bella Twins, the twins have risen to fame as phenomenal figures in the sports and entertainment industry. After more than a decade of fighting in the ring, they are ready to take on the world as their authentic selves.

The Bella Twins say goodbye to WWE and say hello to a new chapter

As they now focus on motherhood and entrepreneurship, among other things, the pair revealed their decision to put wrestling aside and adopt their real names, Nikki and Brie Garcia.

On an episode of their Sirius XM show, they expressed that it was difficult to let go of their wrestling personas, especially the name “Bella,” which they said was given to them by their grandfather.

Nikki shared that as “mothers, entrepreneurs, executive producers, hosts” they felt it was time to move on and take on new opportunities as they approached their 40th birthday in November. Of their decision to leave behind their ‘in-the-ring’ personas, he said:

“When we got the WWE contract, we all knew we just had to step into this new chapter.”


Brie expressed her excitement at closing a chapter on her former name, stating, “I’m so excited to close that chapter on Brie Bella, put that book away, open a new one, and we’ll see what Brie Garcia does next.”

In retrospect, he guest starred on “Psych”. credited his previous identity for “empowering, inspiring and fearless” to do the work she did for women and young people.

The pair have done a lot in the sports and entertainment industry to deserve their names being retired. Due to their significant influence, they were inducted into the “WWE Hall of Fame” in 2021. Although they were originally announced as inductees for the Class of 2020, the sisters had to wait due to the pandemic as the ceremony was canceled.

In April 2021, The Blast reported that after a long wait along with the 2021 inductees, the twins took their rightful place in the prestigious Hall of Fame. Big names attended the ceremony, which aired on the Peacock Network, but the Bellas stole the show in their iconic red dresses. He was beaming with joy as they received the prestigious WWE award.

The event was a night to remember as exclusive photos and videos from behind the scenes of the ceremony were shared on social media. In the recording, the twins proudly showed off their rings and plaques and thanked everyone who supported them along the way.

Their award was met with love from their fans and colleagues on social media. Fellow WWE Superstar Charlotte Flair referred to the Bellas as “queens” and acknowledged their influence, stating that they “opened doors for generations to come.”

The children of the Garcia twins were confused about which twin was their mother

Brie Bella and Nikki Bella arrive at the "Watch What Happens With Andy Cohen live"

While they may have used their identical looks to their advantage in the ring, their children weren’t quite as savvy. The famous couple shared on their podcast that their children sometimes had trouble telling them apart, causing confusion about who their real mother was.

In a world where podcasts seem to be a dime a dozen, The Blast shared that she managed to stand out with her unique content on “The Bellas Podcast.” Hosted by the twins, the show gave listeners a glimpse into their lives, often sharing personal stories and experiences not seen on TV or social media.

The sisters have always been transparent about their personal lives, including their relationships and experiences as mothers. Their children, Matteo Artemovich Nikki, Buddy Dessert and Birdie Joe Brie, are all close in age. This led to a rather amusing situation where their children were confused as to which twin was their mother.

In one episode, the nurses shared their experiences with this phenomenon and the challenges it poses. In a hilarious bit of back and forth, Nikki explained a situation where Brie’s kids thought she was their mother.

Brie noted that she had to convince her son while he was having a nightmare that she was his mother and crouched down and looked at him through the crib to say “Bud-Bud, I’m Mama” before she believed him.

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