The “1000 Lbs Sisters” Tammy Slaton has reached her surgery goal weight

£1000 Sisters” reality star Tammy Slaton she is finally within the required weight to undergo bariatric surgery. Earlier this year, Tammy hit 717 pounds, her biggest ever. At the time, he had just left a food addiction rehabilitation center; however, his weight was not what he and his family expected.

The reality star, who struggled with heavy drinking, vaping and depression, eventually returned to rehab, a move she says was “difficult” for her. Tammy’s return to the facility was prompted by a health scare in early January. He couldn’t breathe and after being taken to the hospital, a tube was put down his throat to help him.

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Tammy Slaton has reached her surgery goal weight

'1000-LB Sisters' Star Shares Shocking Photos Using Tracheostomy Tube

People magazine it was recently revealed that Tammy had reached and exceeded her goal weight to be approved for the surgery. In a clip released by the magazine for Tuesday’s episode of the show, the reality star was with her two sisters, Misty and Amanda, when she found out she had lost more than 180 pounds.

Tammy weighed about 717 pounds when she checked into the Ohio weight loss rehab facility, which she admitted was the most she had ever weighed. In the latest clip, she revealed that she was determined to get down to 550 pounds to get the surgery approved.

“I need to get to 550 pounds. to be approved for surgery,” said the reality star. “Until then, I hate standing on the scale. My worst fear is gaining weight. I don’t want to disappoint my family or myself.”

Tammy Slaton was “overwhelmed” by the news

1000-LB Sisters star Tammy Slaton stopped breathing and was taken to the hospital!

When Tammy got on the scale, the doctor told her she was down to 534 pounds, 16 pounds below the weight required for surgery. Amanda said to him, “B…are you serious? Truly? Tammy, you see this!”

Tammy’s other sister, Misty, revealed that she is “so thrilled” and proud of the reality star for reaching her target weight for the surgery. “When I got on the scale and saw that the scale read 534.7, my breath stopped for a moment. I am 14 kilos. below my goal weight. That’s a huge drop from over 700,” Tammy said.

The reality star continued: “I did it! I’m excited, I’m proud, I’m thrilled – just all the emotions. I proved everyone wrong. Everyone who doubted me, I finally got mine! It’s my moment!”

He wants to finish the operation

'1000-LB Sisters' Star Shares Shocking Photos Using Tracheostomy Tube

Amanda, still reeling from the good news, informed Tammy that hopefully the reality star would be on her way to surgery by the time they next met. Tammy responded by revealing that while she was excited about the milestone and finally getting the surgery, she wanted to get over it.

Speaking about the episode, Amanda said: “This is what we’ve been waiting for. This is what we worked for. Tammy scored a goal; this may mean that you finally need to have surgery. He’s finally getting this and the future looks good.”

Amanda also revealed that they could have gone to other doctors to get approval; However, Tammy first had to meet a weight loss goal set by Dr. Eric Smith.

“I know there are several other doctors that he has to get clearance from, but the way I see it is that before we could ever see those people, he had to reach the weight loss goal that Dr. Smith gave him and Tammy did it. how, Amanda added. “He’s going to do the damn thing.”

Tammy Slaton was recently hospitalized

Earlier this year, People released a trailer titled “1000-Lb Sisters” where Tammy was taken to the hospital. The reality star reportedly “gave up breathing” and Amy said her body shut down. In the footage, Tammy undergoes a tracheotomy, in which a hole is made in her throat to insert a breathing tube.

This made it easier for them to provide the reality star with emergency breathing support if necessary. Feeling good despite the health scare, Tammy said: ‘I’m still here, bitch.’

When the reality star asked her doctor if she could go ahead with bariatric surgery, he refused, telling her she still had a long way to go in losing weight before it would be approved.

“I told you, Tammy, you have real risks,” said Dr. Eric Smith, her surgeon. Chris, Tammy’s brother, replied: “If she doesn’t have surgery, she’s going to die because of her weight.”

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