Teresa Giudice’s Mercedes was stolen from her New Jersey home

Star of The Real Housewives of New Jersey Teresa Giudice your car has just been stolen from your own home. She is a famous face on the Bravo show and has been embroiled in several controversies with her cast over the past few months.

Giudice is currently not on the best of terms with her brother and sister-in-law, Joe and Melissa Gorga, after allegedly claiming that Melissa cheated on her husband earlier last year.

According to reports, cops are already chasing the perpetrators behind Giudice’s stolen car.

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Teresa Giudice’s car was stolen

Teresa Giudice at Slate's 20th Anniversary

Bravo reality star Giudice was robbed from one of her luxury cars. Based on TMZ, Giudice’s Mercedes-Benz was lifted from her $3.35 million Montville, New Jersey home overnight. The police are said to be working on the case to get the reality star’s car back to him.

According to sources, the suspect pulled into the driveway of the property and drove away in the Benz. It’s not certain which car was stolen, as Giudice previously owned a G-Wagon before her husband Luis Ruelas gave her a white Benz sedan for Christmas two years ago during their engagement.

It is only a matter of time whether the suspect will be caught, as the police are already leading them well. Surveillance video taken from the reality star’s home allegedly captured the crime, as well as the car thieves, on film.

Giudice’s attorney informed me Page six“We are optimistic that law enforcement will be successful in locating the vehicle.”

Another “RHONJ” cast member had her car stolen last year

Jennifer Aydin

Giudice isn’t the only “RHONJ” star to experience a carjacking. In April 2022, Bill Aydin, husband of Bravo star Jennifer Aydin, reported that his 2016 Ferrari California was stolen from their Paramus home. Police reports revealed that the suspects used an “electronic garage door opener” to get into the garage, thus gaining access to the Ferrari.

Kenneth Ehrenburg, the police chief at the time, said per Page six, “The suspects entered a car in the driveway that contained an electronic garage door opener. It’s one of those (openers) that snaps onto the sun visor. They got into the garage using the garage door opener and got the Ferrari.”

Hours after Jennifer asked social media for help in locating the nearly $200,000 car, the vehicle was found. He announced on his Instagram story: “Update: Found the car! I don’t have the details, but thanks to the authorities and all the fans and friends who helped me find this car with their outlets and networks!”

Melissa Gorga is closing the door on ending her feud with Teresa Giudice

Joe Gorga and Melissa Gorga attend the

During conversation People Magazine recently, “RHONJ” star Melissa Gorga revealed that she has no interest in patching things up with her sister-in-law Giudice. He described the whole situation as “exhausting” and the upcoming 13th season of the Bravo series as a rollercoaster of emotions.

“I mean, the door is closed now (for reconciliation). It just is,” said the reality star. “It’s tiring to be honest. I think I say that a lot this season. Up and down and in and out and tall and not tall. I’m angry; I’m not angry. I will stab you. Just, how about you go?”

Melissa, who has been with Giudice for the past few months, revealed that she no longer feels guilty about the situation and is “pretty comfortable in my own skin.” He added: “I know I have always done the right thing. It’s not perfect, but I tried really hard to help and fix it, so I’m washing my hands now. I’m ready. I’m done with the poison.”

Teresa Giudice recently slammed Margaret Josephs for attending her wedding

Teresa Giudice in the 2022 MTV Movie

While the Oh! news in a recent interview, Giudice talked about her wedding to Ruelas. The reality star said she felt Margaret Josephs, who attended the wedding but left early, shouldn’t have been there at all. Josephs previously revealed that he attended Giudice’s wedding; however, he only stayed a short time before leaving to support Melissa and Joe.

Speaking to the magazine, Giudice said, “If he was supporting Melissa, he shouldn’t have come at all.” The reality star also revealed that fellow Housewife Rachel Fuda told her she wouldn’t be attending the wedding due to the ongoing drama.

Giudice added, “That’s what a true friend would really do, not just come, of course, not miss the epic wedding of the year for a photo shoot and then leave. If you support your friend, he shouldn’t have come at all.”

Despite everything that happened, Giudice revealed that the big day was perfect for her and she only wanted people who wanted to be part of the celebration.

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