10 Teen Titans With Super Powers You Don’t Understand

10 Teen Titans With Super Powers You Don't Understand

Wonder Girl

Wonder Girl Teen Titans

Cassandra Sandsmark the second wonder girl even though she’s the third to be called that name she first debuted in Wonder Woman (vol. 2) #105 (January 1996). Unlike donna troy before her she has a definitive and clear origin she was wonder woman’s sidekick and would go on to be a teen titan have a thing with superboy at the time kon el or conner kent and then end up with Robin his best friend when they thought he was dead.

So she gets her powers from mystic artifacts such as the gauntlet of artemins the sandals of Hermes which give her strength and flight. Also, fun fact Zeus blessed Cassandra’s mother to be able to take away her powers temporarily with a touch. Zeus believes in time out.

This isn’t random she’s Zeus’s daughter he’s still taking up with the earth ladies all these millennia later. Cassandra also has a lasso but it’s not a lasso of truth she can also have her powers impacted by members of the pantheon like ares who once took her powers cause he felt she was being frivolous.

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You have to be into wonder woman to get all the nuances of Cassandra and since rebirth she really hasn’t been as prominent she is now on the Titans of Tomorrow cause there were multiple titans books running simultaneously. So now she’s not in the present timeline but it’s fine I mean Connor only kinda-sorta exists right now.

The Teen Tyrants

Teen Titans

Their team consists of Red Robin, Tempest, Arsenal, Red Raven, and Blackfire what makes this slightly perplexing especially to someone just jumping in is except for one these are all names that have been used either by the heroin question or someone in their universe.

For example, red robing is often the alias of Tim Drake but this red robin is an alternate evil dick, Grayson. Tempest is the name eventually taken on by Aqualad just like Arsenal is for Roy Harper and Blackfire in the main verse is Starfire’s sister. They were clearer with their naming in the crime syndicate where it was Ultraman superwoman owlman etc.

However, admittedly a lot of the potential confusion is cleared up by the visuals and the fact that the titan team in question here is the one from the animated series and not from the comics so that helps.

Wally West II

Wally West II Teen Titans

So Wally West 1 I guess is the second flash in the main verse timeline but the this if you include all continuity. He took over the mantle of the flash after Barry Allen died in Crisis on infinite earth in 1985 so then wally went from being kid flash to adult flash.

He was the flash all the way up until the new 52 which was used as an opportunity to retcon him out of existence cause dc head dan DiDio doesn’t like him. And yet there was still a wally west meet Wallace west he debuted in The Flash Annual 3 (June 2014) he is introduced as the biracial even though they rarely draw him that way son of iris’s brother.

Wally would end up joining the new 52 version of the titans as kid flash but fans never really took to him as they were salty and bitter about how wally 1 was retconned so they brought wally back in rebirth it was a big event very moving but now what about Wally 2 it’s not his fault.

He was poorly introduced and handled also if he was retconned out of existence that would be a thing on a whole other level. So he has been kept around as well and in rebirth has a new origin the brother of iris’s other brother Daniel West now the reverse flash which is a cooler origin wally is cool he just needed to not be introduced that way they were full-on trying to replace wally why did anyone think people would go for that who greenlit this. He’s really cool in rebirth you go Wallace.

Jesse Quick

Teen Titans

Now for those of you who are watching the CW flash show you’ll know of the existence of Jesse Quick but what about her history with the Titans Jesse Chambers first debuted in the Justice Society of America (vol. 2) #1 (August 1992).

She’s the daughter of two golden age heroes Johnny Quick and Liberty Bell through some waffling about where to put her she ended up on the 90s run of the Teen Titans which was simply entitled Titans where she was a member but also managed her fathers company Quickstart.

Part of why she was recruited to the titans was that they felt their personal squabbles had taken the team down before and they needed buffers. A question people often have about Jessie and her speed is how fast is she in relation to Wally cause It would vary.

Also, she was involved with her mom’s boyfriend and that led to his death it was a thing. She accessed her speed powers using what she called a mantra she can visualize the speed formula so she has to do this in order to access the speed force because of her mom she also has super strength so a good power combo.


Ravager Teen Titans

There have been 5 dc characters named ravage but we’re talking about Rose Wilson Deathstroke’s daughter she first appeared in Deathstroke #15 (October 1992). Ravager pre rebooted origins had a complicated relationship with her father to the point where she both idolized and hated him and was modified with the same serum that enhanced her father.

However, the serum rendered her unstable and she was prone to fits of psychotic rage she even gouged her own eye out to more resemble her father. She ends up on the titans after befriending Nightwing who Deathstroke had tasked with training Rose after she had lost to batgirl this was after dick’s rape so he was in a bad place and open to coming to the dark side for a bit.

Rose would mellow out considerably post-crisis she would get her eye back and would sometimes babysit Lian for Roy you know back when Roy Harper’s daughter was still alive. She’s also been a member of terror titans and since rebirth, she is around again but not as prominent and nightwing trained her but not cause Slade asked him to.


Teen Titans

There have been three Osiris’s and for our purposes, we need the third Amom Tomaz who was very briefly a member between infinite crisis and one year later big DC reset events. Cause nothing shakes up the roster of a team like a giant event. So he is the brother of the hero Isis who during this period would marry Black Adam who was on a heroic bend.

Osiris joined the titans cause he wanted friends you know save the world go out for burgers it’s like a club really but sometimes members die. And Amon was one of them. He was granted his powers by Black Adam and so to become Osiris must say his name, which must have a double effect of people panicking and thinking Black Adam is about to show up to defend his brother in law.

One question people have about his powers is whether or not he has access to all of Adam’s powers when he is not there or still just his portion which is the usual Shazam fare. But coming from Egyptian Gods Shur, Heru, Amon, Zehuti, Aten and Mehen.


Jericho Titans

Jericho is set to appear in the at the time of this recording upcoming season of Titans so the world won’t be sleeping on him for much longer. And Jericho is another of Deathstroke’s children he first appeared in Tales of the Teen Titans 43 (June 1984) he was created so the team wouldn’t consist entirely of characters with connections to pre-existing heroes.

He is Slade’s youngest son rendered mute when Slade’s mercenary life caught up with him and they came to try and kill his family he saved his son but not before his vocal cords were cut.

So Jericho could possess someone by making eye contact his body turns insubstantial and he then enters the host. He can then tap into all that person’s abilities however the victims can still speak just not over their limbs he can’t take over that part unless they’re asleep.

Jericho was a pacifist and genuinely good person until he got corrupted. Now Jericho isn’t hard to understand but he was largely forgotten for a time which was a shame his storylines were really good yay for him being acknowledged again.

Kid Devil/Red Devil

Kid Devil/Red Devil

Meet Eddie Bloomberg he first appeared in Fury of Firestorm#24 (June 1984). Since infinite crisis he was trying to join the teen titans and would eventually get in after failing for psychological problems. So Kid Devil he used to get his powers from his devil costume and some of the things were fun like bursting bubbles night vision etc.

But then infinite crisis happened and he was retconned now he had a demonic appearance and abilities to match these given to him by the demon lord Neron he can breathe fire has super strength and stamina can heal almost any wound.

His blood is now gasoline his very breath can burn he can create portals of fire to travel through. He’s not around right now he died sacrificing himself to save the titans see he was a good addition to the team, as cannon fodder. Kid Devil is a bit of a blink and you’ll miss his character for a lot of people he’s not the blue devil that’s a different character.

Power Boy

Power Boy

Once again a hero that has shared their name we need the third power boy and yes there is a power boy and yes he has a boob window. The third power boy debuted in Teen Titans (vol. 3) #38 (September 2006). And was on the team during the one year gap in infinite crisis. He has vague supermanish powers. So power boy was supposed to be a male parody of female superhero clichés down to his costume that boob window had a lot of chest hair in it.

I dunno for me it never fully crystalized I mean a lot of heroes have ridiculous costumes and as a fan of the boob window this never really connected with me. He dated supergirl for a bit and then got creepy and possessive and she had to assault him to get him to leave her alone. Again parody if it is it’s just poorly executed.

Donna Troy

Donna Troy

she made her first appearance in The Brave and the Bold #60 (July 1965) but the character of Wonder Girl had been around since 1961 and had been created as a direct result of Fredric Wertham’s novel seduction of the innocent which posited all kinds of the time salacious things about these heroes that the comics code authority wanted to combat aside from batman and robin being coded as a homosexual couple he was really concerned about wonder woman being a lesbian.

So the solution to this was to give Wonder Woman a family including a wonder girl cause lesbians don’t have families I guess and wonder girl was her little sister but it was really just a younger version of herself who she partnered up with.

However, this led to confusion as to when the teen titans started she was mistaken for a regular character and not another version of wonder woman. So she became an independent character but her origin would forever be a convoluted mess as a result of this. There was even an entire plot around it Who Is Donna Troy on her origin Marv wolfman had this to say I wrote the original Donna Troy origin story back in the first Titans run. She had never had one and was, in fact, not a “real” character (if you can call any of them real).

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She was a computer simulation of Wonder Woman as a girl. That story also named her Donna Troy and set up everything that followed. Unfortunately, after Crisis on Infinite Earths and the Wonder Woman revamp, we had to go back and redo it again as a brand new Wonder Woman being born on Earth could not have rescued the girl from the burning building.

I wish we had been able to keep it as I think it’s gone insane now. And I just wanted a simple origin story. I came up with the original, and then [in “Who is Donna Troy?”] George [Pérez] and I simply elaborated on what had been done, giving her real knowledge of who she was. I would love to say that everything after “Who is Donna Troy?” should be forgotten, but that’s not the way continuity works, sadly She has also had multiple power sets and different origins for said power sets. First, she was given powers by the amazon’s purple ray.

Post-crisis she had powers that were identical to Diana’s but they were later enhanced and she could command darkness and cold. In Rebirth when dick became rick donna took over leading the titans. That’s the cliff notes Donna could have a whole video all her own I mean at one point she was a magical duplicate made up of the memories of her from Wally West.