‘Ted Lasso’ Season 3 Premiere Date: Apple TV+ Shares First Look

Season 3 of the hit series will be released sometime in the spring of 2023.

AFC Richmond is (almost) back. Almost two years after the second season of “Ted Lasso” premiered, the acclaimed Apple TV+ comedy will premiere its third (and possibly final) season in the spring of 2023, it was announced Wednesday. In addition, the streamer shared a first image from the season, which sees the title character (Jason Sudeikis) facing off against his former protégé and new rival Nathan (Ted Mohammad), as well as former AFC owner Rupert (Anthony Head).

The news was announced on the day of the Apple TV+ Television Critics Association winter press tour, where co-creator Bill Lawrence and star/writer Brett Goldstein appeared on a panel to promote Jason Segel and Harrison Ford’s comedy series Shrinking. During the panel, Lawrence was asked when audiences would be able to see the series again, and while he maintained that he didn’t know the exact date, he revealed that he had seen a rough cut of the final episodes and called them “freakin’ awesome.”

He created “Ted Lasso” with Lawrence Sudeikis, Brendan Hunt and Joe Kelly, loosely based on a 2013 series of ads promoting NBC Sport’s coverage of the British Premier League, the country’s top soccer league. The series revolves around Ted, an endearing American football coach who is chosen to lead the fictional, struggling football team AFC Richmond. Although initially mocked by the press and distrusted by the team, Ted’s compassionate approach to coaching slowly wins them over and he and the club’s owner, Rebecca (Hannah Waddingham), resolve to win the championship by any means necessary. Goldstein also stars as Roy’s assistant in the series, with the likes of Mohammed, Jeremy Swift, Phil Dunster, Brendan Hunt, Juno Temple and Sarah Niles.

While “Ted Lasso” has become the most-watched series on Apple TV+ and an Emmy favorite with two consecutive Best Comedy Series wins, the series could be gaining momentum in its third season. Although Apple TV+ has not confirmed that the season will be the last, Goldstein said back in June that the crew was writing the season as the end of the series’ story, and Lawrence made similar comments that the series was planned for three acts. structure in all seasons.

As for why Season 3 has taken so long, Puck News reported in September that production of the series hit a variety of roadblocks, including the freeze on filming at the Chelsea Football Club stadium after the club’s owner was forced to sell. relations with the Russian oligarchy following the invasion of Ukraine. The story also claimed that Sudeikis refused to sign off on the scripts, so they were constantly being rewritten, causing some tension on set.

Lawrence is executive producing “Ted Lasso” through Doozer Productions with Jeff Ingold and Liza Katzer. Sudeikis also serves as executive producer with Hunt, Kelly, Bill Wrubel, Jane Becker and Jamie Lee. Produced by co-director Goldstein. Warner Bros. Television and Universal Television produce for Apple TV+.

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