Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce Inspire Whiskey Co. To Make Lipstick

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s romance is ushering in an era of creativity as organizations launch new products based on the adorable couple!

Although the pair are yet to confirm their relationship, the “Blank Space” songstress’s viral appearance at her beau’s Kansas City Chiefs game made the tight end player’s No 87. Jersey is one of the hottest-selling items in the NFL shop.

Now Fireball Cinnamon Whisky has been inspired by the speculated lovebirds to create their first-ever lipstick product! Fans are in for more couple-oriented merch as the famous liquor company is not the only one trying to cash out on the beloved duo’s fame.

Whiskey Company Supports Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce’s Romance With Limited Edition Lipstick

The whiskey company jumped on the buzz surrounding the rumored couple by announcing the launch of their Fireball Cinnamon RED Delight Lipstick. They shared the good news on social media, surprising many with their diversion into the beauty industry.

Taylor Swift at Kansas Chiefs game

A spokesperson for The Sazerac Company — owner of Fireball Cinnamon Whisky — recently opened up about the lipstick’s development to Fox Business. Per the source, the product stemmed from red being a dominant color in the 2023 NFL season. Although the rep did not mention Kelce’s team, red is one of the Kansas City Chiefs’ official colors.

“Fireball has a history of being the celebratory drink of choice for football players and fans alike, and we think this season’s epic mash-up of football and pop culture is worthy of a little extra heat,” Danny Suich, the global brand director for Fireball, explained before hinting at Swift’s romance with the NFL star.

“There are a lot of new football fans in the stands these days who may be looking for a bold way to support their favorite team or tight end with a spicy, RED new look, and, as always, Fireball is here to help. Because, in our opinion, every touchdown should taste like a championship parade,” the rep claimed.

The whiskey company’s “Red” lipstick choice will not surprise Swifties because the “Bad Blood” hitmaker typically steps out with the bold color on her lips. She also has a history of using “Red” in her music. In 2012, the blonde beauty released ” Red ” album before hosting “The Red Tour” from March 2013 to June 2014.

Given the Billboard Women in Music Award recipient’s love for red, the liquor brand’s use of the color fitted perfectly in the puzzle, as for Kelce’s connection to the new product, the Kansas City Chiefs player enjoys Fireball Cinnamon Whisky products.

The athlete went viral in February following a video of him drinking a small bottle of Fireball at the Super Bowl Victory Parade in Kansas City. Kelce’s football podcast, “New Heights,” also shared the buzzing clip on X alongside the words, “Those cinnamon delights” — a reference to the lipstick’s name.

The company’s hints about the Fireball Cinnamon RED Delight Lipstick revolving around the speculated couple did not end there! The limited edition product will be sold at $13.87 — 13 being Swift’s lucky number while 87 referred to Kelce’s jersey number.

The spokesperson for The Sazerac Company dropped more clues by stating the lipstick could be worn to a championship parade or a football viewing party. The whiskey brand’s rep described the product as “the perfect statement to make if you find yourself wanting to be supportive of a certain team … or a new relationship.” Could they be any more obvious?

Heinz Celebrates Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce’s Romance With ‘Seemingly Ranch’ Condiment 

Fireball Cinnamon Whisky is not the only one loving the romance between Swift and Kelce. Heinz’s famous food processing company jumped on the buzz with a new condiment reflecting the “Style” hitmaker’s meal choice at her viral Kansas City Chiefs game appearance.

During the entertainer’s supportive girlfriend moment, she reportedly enjoyed a piece of chicken with ketchup and a side of what fans labeled as “Seemingly Ranch.” Following this event, Heinz dropped a social media update featuring their new product, a combination of ketchup and ranch dressing called “Heinz’s Ketchup & Seemingly Ranch.”

The food processing company also paid homage to Swift’s frequent use of “Era” in her music with the caption: “It’s a new era for Heinz. Introducing Ketchup and Seemingly Ranch. Limited-edition bottles coming soon.”

A spokesperson for Heinz’s confirmed that the new condiment was inspired by the Grammy winner’s appearance at her rumored beau’s game. The rep revealed to The Independent that the company was creating “a ‘Taylor’s Version’ of its iconic Kranch sauce and releasing 100 bottles of Limited-Edition’ Ketchup and Seemingly Ranch’ sauce.”

According to the source, only 100 bottles were being produced because the number was derived by adding Swift’s lucky number 13 to Kelce’s number 87 jersey. These creative companies give fans more reasons to ship the couple.

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