Tammy Slaton sheds tears on TikTok over husband’s death

Star of ‘1000 Pound Sisters’ Tammy Slaton recently had an emotional breakdown on TikTok. She broke down as she spoke to her fans about her grief over her husband’s death. Caleb Willingham. Slaton confirmed Willingham’s passing but declined to share details, saying it was “really personal.”

Her TikTok post received hundreds of supportive comments from fans sending prayers and condolences. Slaton and Willingham first met at a weight loss rehab. They became engaged in October 2022 and married the following month.

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Tammy Slaton Ters Up On TikTok Over The Dead Of Her Husband

@tammyslaton2020 In reply to @sandracrause8 I’m sorry for crying but crying doesn’t mean I’m not strong I got that #familystrongforcaleb ♬ original sound – tammy slaton

Tammy Slaton recently had an emotional breakdown while chatting with her fans on TikTok. The “1000-Lb. The “Sisters” star opened up about the recent death of her husband, Caleb Willingham. She said she decided to share her grief on social media after seeing comments from fans that “touched her heart”.

Holding back tears in the video, Slaton spoke of her sense of loss. He said: “I hate being here and letting everyone see me like this. I am in the grieving stage. Yes, we had our problems, but I loved that man and still do.

She keeps the details of her husband’s death a secret

'1000-Lb.  Sisters star Tammy Slaton breaks her silence on the death of her husband Caleb Willingham
Instagram | Tammy Slaton

In the video, Slaton said he did not want to share details about Willingham’s death, noting that it was “really personal” for him. He said: “No offence, but this is very personal. I miss you like crazy, but I wanted to thank everyone to — sorry — thank everyone for the comments.”

The video received hundreds of supportive comments for Slaton. One such comment read: “Sending prayers for you Tammy. Crying is not a sign of weakness. This is a sign that a part of your heart is no longer here. Keep the good memories.”

Tammy Slaton thanks followers for their support

'1000-Lb.  Sisters star Tammy Slaton breaks her silence on the death of her husband Caleb Willingham
Instagram | Tammy Slaton

Slaton responded directly to one of his fans and followers who shared a supportive comment. It read: “Tammy, Jesus will be with you every step of the way and hold you tight (throughout) this difficult time (you are going through). Be strong.”

In his video response, Slaton revealed how the person’s message inspired him to make the TikTok post. She captioned the video, “I’m sorry for crying, but just because I’m crying doesn’t mean I’m not strong, I’ve got that.”

'1000-Lb.  Sisters star Tammy Slaton breaks her silence on the death of her husband Caleb Willingham
Instagram | Tammy Slaton

In the video itself, she said, “It touched my heart. I know he looks down on me. I know it doesn’t hurt anymore. I know you are in a better place. I love you with all my heart. Believe it or not, he really loved you too.”

Supportive comments poured in after Slaton posted this video. One such comment read: “He is in a place where there is no pain on his body. You showed him happiness. I am so sorry for your loss.” Several fans sent messages expressing their condolences for his loss.

Tammy Slaton and Caleb Willingham reportedly split in May of this year

'1000-Lb.  Sisters star Tammy Slaton flaunts her beauty without oxygen in a new photo
Instagram | Tammy Slaton

Willingham barely appeared on Slaton and her sister Amy’s reality show, “1000-Lb Sisters.” But despite his infrequent appearances, Willingham was a fan-beloved character, nicknamed “Killa K” or “Double K.” She and the reality TV star first met while they were both at a weight loss rehab clinic in Ohio. Slaton was there for treatment to comply with weight loss surgery measures.

Willingham finally popped the question in October 2022, and they were married about a month later. During an interview People Magazine earlier this year, the reality TV star talked about their wedding and marriage.

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She said: “Our wedding day was perfect, there was so much love in the room. I literally married my best friend. I love waking up and seeing your face every morning. And to see his face every night before going to bed.”

according to a report from The day, Slaton split from Willingham in May because she allegedly wasn’t “following the diet in rehab.” The reality TV star has yet to address reports that their marriage ended before her death.

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