Talty Bar CEO’s Wife And Child In Gruesome Murder/Suicide

Tim Talty is experiencing the worst day of his life after news that his wife murdered their baby and killed herself.

The Murder Took Place In The Town Of Somers

Talty Bar CEO's Wife And Child Involved In Gruesome Murder/Suicide

The CEO of the nutrition company was informed that his wife and daughter were deceased. The New York State Police released a statement about the incident. “The New York State Police Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) Somers are investigating a murder/suicide in the town of Somers.”

The police said the incident occurred on the morning of Saturday, August 5, 2023. It’s unclear where Talty was but he was later informed that “The scene is consistent with a murder/suicide.” His wife, Krystal Cascetta, 40 was in the home with her baby deceased.

Krystal Cascetta Was A Doctor

Talty Bar CEO's Wife And Child Involved In Gruesome Murder/Suicide

And not just any doctor, she was considered the top doctor in Oncology in New York. The new mom worked at Cedar Sinai. She was often described as “renowned” when it came to her career. She was settling into motherhood recently.

The shocking news is even more upsetting when it was confirmed that the baby girl was only four and a half months. Many are already speculating online that post-partum depression could be the culprit.

Reasons aside, Cascetta was a medical expert who also working with her husband on his business and was the “doctor-approved” doctor he is referring to in the ads. The young mom’s body was found in the infant’s room.

According to a press release from the police it was “revealed that at approximately 7:00 a.m., Krystal Cascetta entered her child’s room and shot her baby and then turned the gun on herself.”

Tim Talty Was Not Home

Talty Bar CEO's Wife And Child Involved In Gruesome Murder/Suicide
Cedar Sinai

But Cascetta’s parents were in the home when the murder/suicide took place. This summer has reportedly been a rough one for the new parents. Neighbors commented on the family’s situation.

“They had ambulances and police come to their house two, maybe three times this summer. At least twice,” recalls Bob Stuart, to the Post. “I saw the police and ambulances arrive.” Police confirmed that someone in the home called 911 because they believed the gunshots were someone falling.

They soon confirmed that they were gunshots after breaking down a locked door in the couple’s Westchester NY home. When contacted by DailyMail Talty, 37 asked: “Can you give us some time?”

The couple tied the knot in 2019 and were reportedly great neighbors. “They’re very nice people, very pleasant, and they moved in about two years ago, and I’ve seen them maybe twice since then,” shared another neighbor Brad Stuart.

Tim Talty’s Whole Family Is Gone

Talty Bar CEO's Wife And Child Involved In Gruesome Murder/Suicide

This tragedy has to be rough on Talty all in one go, his young family is gone, and he is left to grieve. According to a state trooper on the case, there is no question about what took place. “We know, 100%, without a doubt, that it was a murder-suicide,” says Trooper Steven Nevel.

It is a well-known fact that mental health issues in doctors have been on the rise since the pandemic. They were overworked and on edge for more than a year straight and the after effects of Covid-19 are still rearing its ugly head.

Hopefully, Talty can find a healthy way to cope with this untimely tragedy.

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