T-Pain crowns rapper Drake as the new King of Simple Music

T-Pain recently discussed his iconic song story about lusting after beautiful women. The music legend said on his ‘Nappy Boy Radio’ podcast that he was ‘always the simple one’ and explained the history behind several of his hit ‘simp’ songs.

When a guest on his podcast said there was a need for simple music in the industry, T-Pain commented:Drake does it cover.” He’s made these claims before, with the music world describing himself as “Drake before Drake.”

In addition to the simplicity of the original music, T-Pain was the artist who popularized the use of Auto-Tune. When asked about reports that he was paid for every use of Auto-Tune, T-Pain confirmed them.

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T-Pain gets candid about his music career

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in the latest episode of his seriesNappy Boy Radio” podcast, T-Pain told his story about how his music is simply for beautiful women. The term “simp” is slang for someone who shows attention and slight obsession with someone they are attracted to or sexually pursue.

During the podcast, T-Pain said, “I had zero confidence in any of my music. I’ve always been simple, remember? I’ve always wanted a girl.”

He said lawsuit Insider“‘I’m Sprung’ – it was just for the hell of it – the first real simple joint. ‘I’m in love with a stripper’ – I never said I ever got it. I just said I really liked it. ‘Bartender’ – never he didn’t take her anywhere. He was just a bartender. I never said we fucked or anything. Just me from afar.”

T-Pain Crowns Drake as the King of Simple Music


During the episode of the podcast, T-Pain brought on a guest, music journalist Rob Markman, who commented on T-Pain’s simple era: “But in music, we need that.” The singer then replied: “Simpin’? No, I think Drake nailed it.

The interview isn’t the first time the “Buy U a Drank (Shawty Snappin’)” singer has referenced Drake while talking about simple music. In 2022, during a chat with DJ Akademiks, he described himself as “Drake before Drake” in the music industry. He said he was “in love” before people thought it was good to be in love.

T-Pain is also the king of auto-tune

Rapper T-Pain leaves Delilah restaurant

In addition to being one of the biggest singles in music, T-Pain was one of the biggest music stars to use auto-tune when it first came out. In a recent interview with DJ Drama on an episode of ‘Nappy Boy Radio’, he talked about the outstanding sound and sound effects.

During the podcast, DJ Drama shouted out a Jay-Z song called “DOA (Death of Auto-Tune)” and called it one of his best songs. T-Paint was omitted by Drama’s choice, given its heavy reliance on auto-tuning at the time. However, he has since admitted that today’s music stars have “revived” the use of auto-tune in their songs.

When asked about the rumors that they paid for every person who used Auto-Tune, T-Pain confirmed them. He said, “Yes. Totally. It was a nut; it was crazy. Some volunteered and some didn’t, which was great. Diddy volunteered. Diddy gave me points on “Last Train To Paris” because he used Auto-Tune.

Drake has a history of tarnishing his name


Drake he is known for many things, including naming women, especially his ex-girlfriends, in several hit songs. The Canadian rapper mentioned Rose Mary and Leanne Sealey on “Club Paradise,” Alisha on “Shot For Me,” Keshia Chante on “In My Feelings,” and Courtney on “From in Time”.

During a February interview with rapper Lil Yachty on FUTUREMOOD’s debut episode “A Moody Conversation,” Drake opened up about his name-dropping habit and said he regretted it. He said: “The lyrics were never meant to be bad, but someone once said to me, ‘You know, it’s not necessarily what you’re saying about me; the fact that you said it.”

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