T.J. Holmes Estranged Wife Files for Judicial Intervention in Divorce

According to a new report, Marilee Fiebig is ready to speed up her divorce process with T.J. Holmes. Fiebig’s attorneys made new filings for judicial intervention and submitted a matrimonial addendum. Meanwhile, Amy Robach and her ex-husband Andrew Shue have settled their divorce in private but have yet to file papers.

Robach and Holmes have kept lowkey since the scandal but are still dating and happy together. They’re working on getting a new TV gig and have pitched several ideas to studios. There were recent rumors that Robach got a solo hosting gig with NewsNation, but she allegedly turned it down. 

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T.J. Holmes Ex-Wife Files To Speed Up Divorce Procedure

T.J. Holmes, Marilee Fiebig

Marilee Fiebig’s lawyers have filed new requests to speed up her divorce from T.J. Holmes. A report from the U.S. Sun revealed her lawyers filed a request for judicial intervention and asked for a preliminary conference. These are simply motions to move the divorce hearing forward faster.

Fiebig’s lawyers also filed a matrimonial addendum, which states how many children are in the divorce dispute. This only includes the couple’s 10-year-old daughter, Sabine. Holmes filed for divorce in December 2022, but there haven’t been any hearings throughout the year. Their case was only recently assigned to a judge.

Holmes’ attorney for the divorce is Robert H. Moses from the law firm Moses Ziegelman Richards & Notaro, LLP. On the other side, Fiebig’s attorneys are Stephanie F. Lehman and Fara Rodriguez, partners at Philips Nizer LLP. 

Amy Robach Settled Her Divorce In Private

Amy Robach, T.J. Holmes Going Full Steam Ahead With Romance

Holmes and Fiebig’s divorce is a result of his workplace affair with “Good Morning America” co-host Amy Robach. Robach has also separated from her husband, actor Andrew Shue since the affair became public news.

In March, the Daily Mail reported that the former couple had settled their divorce in a mediation process. However, they haven’t filed any actual divorce papers.

A friend spoke to the publication about their split and how much Shue loved Robach. They said, “It’s an awfully sad end to what was a great marriage. Andrew was so into her. But at least they worked out their split through mediation rather than some ugly legal battle. And they sorted out the custody of Brody (their dog).”

T.J. Holmes & Amy Robach Are Still Going Strong

Amy Robach, T.J. Holmes Going Full Steam Ahead With Romance

Holmes and Robach have been very private since their affair became public news. The scandal cost more than the loss of their marriages. The lovebirds also lost their co-host positions at ABC News. They were initially suspended and later agreed with the network to leave their jobs after further investigation was conducted on the pair.

Despite their scandal, Holmes and Robach are still dating and seem very happy together. A source close to the couple spoke to Us Weekly earlier this month. They said, “They’re in a good place. They’re moving on from all the negativity around the affair and looking toward the future together.”

The source revealed that Holmes and Robach have plans like finding a place together and getting engaged. They’re also looking for their next TV gig and want to work together. Several reports claim that the couple has been aggressively pitching program ideas to networks, hoping to land a new job, while banking on their on and off-air chemistry.

Amy Robach Reportedly Got A Solo Hosting Gig 

Amy Robach
Instagram | Amy Robach

Amid their intense job search, there were recently rumors that Robach got a solo gig at NewsNation. Sources close to the TV personality told the Daily Mail that NewsNation originally wanted to launch a new talk show with the couple but eventually decided to go with just Robach.

However, a few days after the rumor spread, a source told the U.S. Sun that Robach isn’t taking any deal with NewsNation. They said she’s denied the rumors to several close friends and is instead “waiting for the right opportunity” with Holmes.

Another source told the publication, “There is no truth to this deal and no one around Amy has any idea where this false NewsNation info came from.” Robach’s rumored show was tentatively titled “Robach & Co” and was reportedly meant to premiere in January 2024, a year after her exit from ABC News with Holmes.

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