Sydney Sweeney stuns in the promo in her ‘sexiest’ swimsuit

Sydney Sweeney has teamed up with Frankies Bikinis to create a new swimwear line dubbed the ‘Sexiest Ever’. Sweeney caught the attention of Frankies founder Francesca Aiello with her iconic pink bikini scene on HBO’s Euphoria.

The collaboration features pieces that embody Sweeney’s head-turning aura. Some bikini styles even feature the actress’ personal touches, including a real kiss pattern.

While discussing the collaboration, Sweeney said it’s very important to her that people embrace their sexuality. Apart from the upcoming line, the actress has been busy with film projects like ‘Immaculate’ and ‘Madame Web’.

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Sydney Sweeney has announced a new swimwear collection

Sydney Sweeney showed off her figure as she unveiled the sexiest swimwear collection ever

Sydney Sweeney is about to launch a swimwear collaboration with celebrity favorite label Frankies Bikinis. The “Euphoria” star recently opened up about the line Elle Magazine, saying the pieces were inspired by summer romance in Italy. The collection will be released in two sets, one on March 14th and the other in April.

When he asked Elle On why she decided to dive into swimwear, Sweeney said, “I grew up on the water, always running around in a bikini.” He also explained that he really “wanted to create something that was really like me.”

In a press release, Frankies founder Francesca Aiello said she started designing after Sweeney’s iconic swimsuit scene in the series Euphoria. The actress wore a Gemma one-piece, prompting a 500-person waiting list to order the pink swimsuit.

Aiello, who has had several iconic swimsuit moments, wrote the lawsuit Page six“I immediately envisioned a collaboration with Sydney to create pieces that truly embodied her beautiful femininity, bombshell romantic aura, not to mention her many talents.”

The swimsuit line features a real kiss print by Sydney Sweeney

Sydney Sweeney showed off her figure as she unveiled the sexiest swimwear collection ever

Sweeney’s collaboration with Frankies features tracks that turn heads just as much as Euphoria’s viral pink track. In the campaign photos, the actress can be seen in several pieces, from a lacy black bikini to a white lacy one-piece with lace gloves and a veil.

The full range of swimwear will be available in several sizes, from XS to XXL. Several pieces feature personal touches from the “White Lotus” actress, such as a literal kiss print. During an interview with Elle, Sweeney was asked how she created the kiss pattern.

She said: “I put on different shades of red lipstick and tissue paper and sent pictures to Francesca. And it was such a funny back-and-forth about how much to spread my lips or (how much) color to (apply), so my bathroom was covered in sheets of lipstick.”

Sydney Sweeney wants the collection to make people feel confident

Sydney Sweeney showed off her figure as she unveiled the sexiest swimwear collection ever

Along with the romantic feel of the swimwear collection and photography, Sweeney and Aiello want the pieces to inspire confidence. During the interview, the actress said that she believes it is extremely powerful to “show the world that you are unapologetically yourself.”

The actress was also asked why she thinks it’s so important for people to embrace their sexiness and show it off. Sweeney responded, “We wanted pieces that made people feel confident and free in their bodies.”

When asked which bikini piece is her favorite from the upcoming line, Sweeney said she can’t settle on just one. He said: “I don’t know if I could pick just one! But I love cherry bikini pieces – it’s a bit Francesca and me.”

He was busy filming new projects

Sydney Sweeney at the Berlin Film Festival

In addition to her new swimwear collaboration, Sweeney is also busy filming her upcoming psychological horror film, “Immaculate.” He is also the producer of the film, which will be directed by Michael Mohan. Sweeney and Mohan previously worked together on Prime Video’s The Voyeurs.

Meanwhile Elle in an interview, Sweeney revealed that he was in Rome filming “Immaculate,” so he stayed for about four months. The new film is just the latest in a number of projects for the actress, who is also billed for Sony’s superhero flick ‘Madame Web’ alongside Dakota Johnson.

Sweeney was recently nominated for two Emmy Awards for her performances in HBO’s “Euphoria” and “The White Lotus,” which only increased her demand. The actress has just been announced to star in Universal Pictures’ “The Caretaker” and Sony’s “Barbarella” reboot.

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