“Succession” composer Nicholas Britell is unfamiliar with the series finale

Exclusive: Emmy-winner Britell revealed that ‘The Successor’ showrunner Jesse Armstrong was “going ‘Is this the wrap-up?'” on the set of the season before officially announcing the series finale.

OG’s L now meets END

Season 4 of “Succession” will be the final installment of the Emmy-winning HBO series, as creator Jesse Armstrong announced in February 2023. However, composer Nicholas Britell told IndieWire exclusively at the season 4 red carpet premiere that the announcement came as a surprise. the cast and crew.

“It wasn’t until recently that I knew for sure that it was officially over,” Britell told IndieWire’s Vincent Perella. “I know Jesse was really open and I love that he’s so passionate about the show and cares so much about it. Everyone knows that. Jesse wants to be the best version of himself. So I think he basically put himself into shooting this season to say, “Is this the wrap?” So I trust Jesse with that. But I recently found out that it is official.

Britell added that she still doesn’t know how the “succession” will end and which Roy successor will take Logan Roy’s (Brian Cox) throne.

“I still don’t know the end of the series. I’m halfway through the scoring and I’m keeping it a mystery on purpose because I like to be surprised and get that kind of reaction from the audience myself,” Britell, who recently scored Andor, produced “She Said” and “The Successor.” Adam McKay’s “Don’t Look Up,” he said.

“Succession” creator Armstrong said earlier this year that the end of the series had been on his mind since Season 2, but it became apparent during the making of Season 4.

“The decision about the ending was solidified during the writing and even when we started shooting: I said to the cast, ‘I’m not 100 percent sure, but I think this is it.’ Armstrong said. “Because I didn’t want to hurt them either.”

Actor Jeremy Strong shared that the ending “will feel like a death,” while co-star Nicholas Braun said the cast was “really bummed” by the news of the “succession” officially ending. “I was sad as hell (on the last day),” Braun said.

Co-star Cox added that the best approach is to look “upward and forward” to the next projects, as Matthew McFadyen said. The New York Times that there was “sorrow” at the end of the series. “It’s horrible and heartbreaking, but there’s a little bit of relief at the same time — a complicated mix of feelings,” McFadyen said.

The “Succession” Season 4 after-party featured cocktails cheekily named “Checkmate” and “Fuck Off” in honor of Logan Roy’s signature catchphrase. Guests were gifted with monogrammed credit card holders with “Succession” branding.

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