Steven Spielberg Wishes He Directed ‘East Town Mare’

“It was a beautifully directed story,” Spielberg said of HBO’s Emmy-winning mystery series.

Steven Spielberg was hoping HBO would have gotten him to lead “East City Mare.”

The Oscar-winning director revealed that he wants to direct a limited series and would make his TV debut behind the camera with a series like the Emmy-winning “Mare of Easttown.”

“I have a longing for long-form, and someday I will direct a long-form series,” Spielberg said on the “Smartless” podcast hosted by Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes and Will Arnett. “I mean, if someone had brought me the ‘East City Mare,’ I would have done it.” It was a beautifully directed story.”

The 2021 series stars Kate Winslet as a small-town Pennsylvania detective who sweeps up a missing person case that hits too close to home. “Mare of Eastown” won four Emmys, including acting for Winslet, Evan Peters and Julianne Nicholson. Winslet addressed rumors of a second season of “Mare,” saying in December 2022 that “no decision has been made” to bring the series back.

Spielberg never directed TV, but Executive Productions made a limited series of “Band of Brothers.” The “Fabelmans” creator added that he would rather make the 2012 historical epic “Lincoln” into a six-hour miniseries starring Daniel Day-Lewis.

“I was willing to do ‘Lincoln’ as a six-hour (show) because I couldn’t raise all the financing,” Spielberg said. “No one believed in him… I went around the city and everyone rejected me. I was ready to make a deal with HBO to do it and expand it to six hours. Tony Kushner’s first draft was 550 pages, so I had the goods! I had the material. I don’t know if I could talk Daniel Day-Lewis into spending six hours, but I was on the verge of it.

Spielberg is not the only iconic director who wants to move into limited series: Quentin Tarantino announced in November 2022 that he will present a limited series in early 2023.

Tarantino recently partnered with Netflix to present the 2015 film “The Hateful Eight” in episodes. As for television, Tarantino previously wrote episodes of “From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series,” based on his film with Robert Rodriguez. In 2005, he wrote and directed two episodes of “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,” and in 1995, he directed an episode of “ER” and played a character in two episodes of “Alias.” The planned limited series marks Tarantino’s first major foray into the TV environment.


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