Steven Soderbergh is Melanie Lynskey’s “favorite” director

Melanie Lynskey makes Steven Soderbergh cry in a career high (perhaps).

The “Yellowjackets” Emmy nominee revealed that Soderbergh is “one of the greatest” directors ever and named him his “favorite” collaborator behind the camera. Lynskey starred in Soderbergh’s 2009 “The Informant!” in his film. opposite Matt Damon.

“One time I saw him go like that after a little take,” Lynskey said on the “Happy Sad Confused” podcast, miming drying his eyes like Soderbergh on set, “and it was like he was wiping a little tear away. And I said, “Are you crying?” And he said, “Be quiet.” So that was the closest thing to a compliment I got from him.”

Lynskey continued: “He said a nice thing to me once outside of work that really meant a lot to me. But at work I felt like I was working and I like that. All the ideas you have have been so much fun… I love being given space. I like to feel like a grip or a costumed assistant. I like to feel like we all have a job to do, and unless you screw something up, no one is going to come in and tell you, “Hey, do this track like this. Oh, do you like this? You might want to do a stitch like this. Unless you see me doing something terribly wrong… And in that regard, I don’t like a lot of compliments. I don’t like it when someone comes up to me between meals and says, “Oh my god, it’s beautiful, I love this, I love that.” He doesn’t do that to the crew. It’s a waste of time and I don’t need it. Just tell me what was wrong, what you need to change.”

He concluded: “So to me, Steven is like the perfect director, because he really is.”

Soderbergh recently directed “Magic Mike’s Last Dance” and served as an executive producer on the 2023 Sundance film “Divinity.” “Full Circle” directs a limited series about the investigation of a kidnapping gone wrong in New York.


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