Stephen ‘tWitch’s boss dies without a will, wife asks for probate

Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss he died intestate, forcing his wife to go to court to legally obtain half of their estate and royalties he had left behind.

According to new legal documents obtained by The Blast Chief Allison filed a matrimonial property petition asking the court that “the property pass without administration to the surviving spouse or registered partner.” In other words, everything must be put in Allison’s name after tWitch’s tragic death.

In the filing, Allison claims Stephen died “intestate”, which means without a will. It’s interesting considering he committed suicide and it appears to have been an unplanned event. Mrs. Boss also requests “proof of ownership of the surviving spouse.”

It is currently unclear why you would need to submit such a document if the couple is married, but it appears that it was legally required to do so.

Allison Holker Boss files for probate of deceased husband’s estate

Stephen 'tWitch' chief died without a will, his wife legally presented half of the estate

Interestingly, Allison Holker pointed out in the documents that at the time of their marriage in 2013 Stephen he had absolutely no money or property. “At the time of the marriage, the deceased (tWithch) had only a small amount of personal property,” he wrote. He added that his “net worth was zero on the day of the marriage”.

“There is no written agreement between (Allison) and (Stephen) that provides for a disproportionate division of the total value of the community property.”

He is therefore asking the court to order half of all assets to be transferred to his name, listing the couple’s companies and “assets” – including royalties from the couple. television career.

Here is the list:

1. Undivided one-half (1/2) interest in Stephen Boss Productions, Inc., a California S Corporation.

2. Undivided half (1/2) interest on the Goldman Sachs Investment account.

3. Undivided half (1/2) interest in royalties from actor and crew production

4. Undivided half (1/2) of royalties paid by Disney Worldwide Services, Inc.

5. An undivided one-half (1/2) interest in royalties from GEP Talent Services, LLC.

6. Undivided one-half (1/2) interest in SAG/AFTRA royalties.

Again, it’s unclear why Allison would need to file legal documents to secure half of the family’s money and businesses after her husband’s death.

Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss died intestate

Stephen 'tWitch' chief died without a will, his wife legally presented half of the estate

As reported, tWitch died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. THE deaths The LA County Corner’s Office confirmed it was a “suicide.” According to reports, on the morning of December 13, 2022, a 9-1-1 call was made by a worker at a Los Angeles motel — after finding her body. Staff say the beloved DJ was not in any distress or “visibly upset” when he checked into the hotel. The 40-year-old DJ and Ellen star had “a little bag” with her and booked the room for one night only.

Stephen’s wife Allison Holker Boss confirmed his death in a statement to the media: “He was the backbone of our family, the best husband and father and an inspiration to his fans.”

Mrs. Boss reportedly said there was no argument or obvious incident in DJ’s life that would have prompted him to take his own life. According to a report, the beloved star left a note outlining some of his “past” struggles and issues.

In the end, we guess that this will be easily ordered by the court and his property will be in the hands of his wife.


Stephen 'tWitch' chief died without a will, his wife legally presented half of the estate

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