“Star Trek: Strange New Worlds”, “Lower Decks” has been renewed for two seasons

The renewal follows the recent news that the flagship series “Star Trek: Discovery” will end with a fifth season.

Paramount+ is boldly doubling down on its ever-expanding “Star Trek” universe: The streamer has renewed its beloved series “Strange New Worlds” for two seasons, debuting in the summer of 2022 to first-season acclaim. “Trek” ever was, and “Lower Decks” is a fun animated comedy series.

The news comes just weeks after the flagship series “Star Trek: Discovery,” which launched the entire “Star Trek” universe on CBS All Access in 2017 before the streamer became Paramount+, ended its fifth season . Between this news and the fact that Season 3 of “Star Trek: Picard” will be its last, it’s like borrowing from another franchise, Phase 1 of what fans affectionately call nu-Trek is coming to an end.

“Strange New Worlds” and “Lower Decks” are unique in that they host a crossover event in the coming time. How do you cross a live-action show with an animated series? Especially series that take place in different centuries?

“Strange New Worlds” is a spin-off of “Discovery” and takes place aboard the USS Enterprise just before James T. Kirk takes the chair, commanded by Captain Christopher Pike (Anson Mount), with Ethan Peck as Spock. and Rebecca Romijn is number one. “Lower Decks” takes place in the years after “Star Trek: Nemesis” and even filled the gap between the film and “Star Trek: Picard.” This crossover episode appears to mix live-action and animation – directed by franchise MVP Jonathan Frakes. If anyone can do it, they can.

In general, “Trek” franchise overseer Alex Kurtzman, the franchise’s Kevin Feige, has suggested that crossovers will be limited and that the many series currently airing and yet to be announced won’t “build on anything” in the way that the ” Star Wars” series on Disney+ will apparently.

This allows “Trek” to be nimble and focus on character-driven standalone storytelling rooted in ideas, ethics and exploration, which is what visionary creator Gene Roddenberry is all about — fans loved the episodic nature of “Strange New Worlds.” Although set in a different era, it evoked the ’90s “Star Trek” spirit more than any other new series to date. She has an impressive ability that can be summed up by one of the few but incredibly cool things we know about Season 2: Carol Kane has joined the cast.

“Strange New Worlds” Season 2 debuts June 15 on Paramount+, with “Lower Decks” Season 4 to follow later this summer. Children’s series “Star Trek: Prodigy returns for Season 2 this winter. And “Discovery” season 5 will debut in early 2024.

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