Jumanji: The Next Level is looking to take things to the next level with a sequel to its sequel going bigger adding more heart and overall being an improvement from the already enjoyable Jumanji: Welcome to the jungle of 2017.

Spoiler-free Review of Jumanji: The Next Level

Jumanji: The Next Level

Jumanji: The Next Level which brings back all of the key cast members and adds Danny DeVito and Danny Glover for a great new adventure.

The concept is simple a bunch of people find themselves stuck in the Jumanji game embodying avatars which are basically nothing like their real-world selves.

This time around the game is acting up because it was previously destroyed so there are new levels and threats which means a whole lot more laughs.

Kevin Hart is the standout of the movie as a zoologist avatar embodied by Danny Glover’s Milo character meaning the comedian is playing an older gentleman finding himself in an athletic body loaded with knowledge about animals.

The cadence of every single line heart delivers as the character is side-splitting lee funny, while Dwayne Johnson’s attempt to pull off a Danny DeVito accent is not quite hitting the nail on the head. Still, the rock drums up more than a few good laughs in the very out of character role for the big guy.

In fact, the movie and its story might be completely unnecessary, watching Karen Gillan Jack Black and the rest of the gang trot around doing things so bizarrely different from anything they’re going to do in another movie or in real life, in general, is purely entertaining in itself.

Still the story is a factor and it turns out to be one loaded with unexpected heart before its conclusion.

Some members of the audience may find themselves feeling a surprising level of emotion before the movie wraps up as director Jake Kasdan returns from his first Jumanji entry two years ago to keep things fresh, we’re the first Jumanji saw a bunch of teenagers finding themselves in more mature bodies the next level flips the perspective by bringing two old men and some more youthful appearances learning about themselves and their friendship along the way.

Kasdan does tap into the CGI effects a little too heavily often stripping the film of some of its ability to keep it about the central characters and replacing them with a flock of computerized ostriches or mandrels, but the casts wonderful chemistry and wit get it through plus it’s a video game so computerized.

All-in-all Jumanji: The Next Level is a movie the whole family will enjoy it’s an exciting hilarious adventure and accomplishes everything it sets out to never taking itself too seriously and giving audiences an ab workout and how hard they will be laughing.

I give Jumanji: The Next Level 4 out of 5 stars