Southwest Airlines and Savannah Chrisley’s stories don’t match

Southwest Airlines claps back Savannah Chrisley, who claims the airline kicked him off the flight for being “out of stock”.

Southwest Airlines has a different story

Savannah Chrisley goes all bold in a new shoot for the Rampage capsule collection

The podcast host stirred up some drama over the weekend and then went all out on Instagram Live, possibly outdoing the naysayers. An airline representative spoke to him Page six and revealed that Chrisley was combative.

He “repeatedly insulted several employees” and was “denied boarding his original flight” because of his actions. It wasn’t a big deal as he was booked on a ‘later that day’ flight.

But it’s still a nuisance. Still, a Southwest spokesperson says Chrisley has been given a break. Southwest said the Chrisley Knows Best The star arrived at the gate late in the boarding process and was asked to check his bag at the gate because (because) the overhead bin was full and to avoid delaying the more than 100 passengers on board the plane.

Also discussed was the shady video Chrisley took while sitting in the airport waiting to board the next available flight. Someone on their end “checks the situation”.

Savannah Chrisley is fighting for her rights

Savannah Chrisley takes a selfie in her bikini.
Instagram | Savannah Chrisley

The reality star’s account of the situation differs slightly from what Southwest said. On IG Live, she points to a Southwest employee and zooms in on him: “This man right here is… um, horrible.”

The 25-year-old said on Thursday: “I got on my plane to board and he said I needed to check my bag. I said, “Okay, if you don’t mind, I’ll take my bag on the flight to see if I can’t fit it, and if not, I’ll check it out.”

She claimed that a Southwest employee insulted her and called her an “unstocked passenger.” Chrisley told a Southwest employee that she was short on time and needed to go home to Chloe Chrisley’s niece, of whom Savannah is now the legal guardian.

She was worried about the 10-year-old, but didn’t elaborate on whether that eased the babysitter’s problem or simply made her feel more comfortable finally being home with her.

Savannah Chrisley is under a lot of stress

Savannah Chrisley reports on niece Chloe's well-being after the Nashville school shooting

The former beauty queen has been going through this lately. This Southwestern drama is just the latest hiccup in his life. Chrisley’s parents are both in prison for tax evasion. The family was adamant about their innocence.

Together, the couple spend 19 years behind bars; Both Todd and Julie Chrisley are accused of fraud. Chrisley can’t believe that the airline employees don’t have the greatest sympathy for him.

“And well, the Southwest attendant said, ‘I don’t care,'” Chrisley claims of the whole airport situation. She later booked another flight with Southwest, according to a statement from the airline.

She shared a selfie of herself with her niece on her way home at 2am.

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