Sony Pictures Investigating ‘Groping’ And ‘Crass Conduct’ On DOOL

Sony Pictures Television quietly launched a serious investigation behind the scenes of Days of Our Lives after toxic allegations surfaced.

Production Is Halted

Sony Pictures Investigating 'Groping' And 'Crass Conduct' To Over 25 'Days Of Our Lives' Stars

The show is currently on a break because of a few shocking allegations made over the year that are finally being taken seriously. The investigation is targeted at co-executive producer Albert Alarr.

So far, 25 cast members of Day of Our Lives have launched complaints against Alarr asking that he be removed from the show. The director was accused of groping a female actress on the popular soap opera.

The nine-week investigation also involved actors and employees associated with the show who claims he engaged in several instances of misconduct Sony Pictures Television, the show’s distributor, oversaw the investigation.

According to Radar Online who obtained the court docs, Sony Pictures focused on claims that actresses were being “groped.”

Groping Was Only The Beginning

Sony Pictures Investigating 'Groping' And 'Crass Conduct' To Over 25 'Days Of Our Lives' Stars

As the investigation got deeper, it grew into probes of allegations of abusive behavior, inappropriate remarks, and crass conduct. Alarr admitted to some of the allegations while the investigation was being conducted but when the probe concluded, he stopped speaking about the allegations and his involvement.

Sony Pictures Television allegedly interviewed between 30-40 people involved in the show most of whom were women. The interviews revealed that the cast turnover has been horrible. The working environment is toxic and in more recent years, both men and women alleging bullying and mistreatment by Alarr

Alarr was accused by a male actor of being yelled at in public forcing him to abruptly leave the set. The report revealed that his behavior created an environment of fear that prevented people from speaking up about their experiences.

HR Was Practically Non-Existent

Sony Pictures Investigating 'Groping' And 'Crass Conduct' To Over 25 'Days Of Our Lives' Stars

The lack of human resources on the set was a huge problem and a reason why so many people did not feel comfortable. Plus, the HR issues are handled by producers so Alarr would have been privy to the complaints and had a hand in handing down decisions.

The conflict of interest is wild. “You don’t want to challenge him, because he’s in charge of everything; he decides who stays, who goes, who get stories,” a staffer for the daytime drama said.

“If you are someone that was going to make a problem for him, he would just call you a budget cut and get rid of you.” Days of Our Lives production company, Corday Productions confirmed that they are on top of things now.

Lisa Rinna Told Us

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The actress and others are calling out the toxicity they experienced behind the scene of the longstanding show. While Corday Productions is taking action to ensure a safe and respectful work environment, Rinna is using her platform to point people in the right direction.

“Karma is a b***h she wrote over a link to the Deadline article that called out Alarr a while back. In 2018 she shared how horrible it was working on the set of Days of Our Lives.

Sony Pictures Investigating 'Groping' And 'Crass Conduct' To Over 25 'Days Of Our Lives' Stars

“Well, this took a long time… Let’s see when’s the last time I went over there and did that week on Peacock I couldn’t believe the work environment.” Rinna continued, “It was disgusting, I was shocked. I let many people know, Albert included, and they didn’t do a thing until now, it seems.”

Looks like the crap is hitting the fan now and it’s flying everywhere!

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