Social Media Reacts To Lauren Boebert’s Viral ‘Beetlejuice’ Exit

US Representative Lauren Boebert has caused a stir on social media after the Colorado congresswoman was escorted out of a “Beetlejuice” performance in Denver.

Lauren Boebert speaking during a House committee meeting

Boebert had reportedly been showcasing disruptive behavior during the show, resulting in fellow patrons feeling bothered. Boebert’s alleged actions include “vaping, (and) singing,” via our report on the incident and per NBC News.

Boebert was with an unnamed companion during Saturday night’s outing, and they were not named in the incident report written by officials at the Denver theater; Boebert was not mentioned by name either.

Three complaints from fellow audience members had reportedly been filed before Boebert and the nameless attendee were asked to stop. The duo had also been identified by their fellow audience members’ reactions.

The surveillance footage clocks around four minutes and 15 seconds and shows an official having a conversation with the congresswoman for several beats. Boebert eventually gets up and is shown flipping off the official.

Boebert’s Manager Confirmed The Incident

Lauren Boebert featured at in a House committee meeting

Boebert’s manager, Drew Sexton, would later confirm the incident involving his client, via a brief statement to NBC News.

“I can confirm the stunning and salacious rumors: in her personal time, Congresswoman Lauren Boebert is indeed a supporter of the performing arts (gasp!) and, to the dismay of a select few, enthusiastically enjoyed a weekend performance of Beetlejuice, which the Denver Post itself described as ‘zany’, ‘outrageous’, and a ‘lusty riot,’” Sexton’s statement began. He would go on to praise the theater’s anti-filming policy, before slipping in a reference to the Biden administration and border laws. (per The Blast)

Boebert herself discussed the incident in an X post, which would generate a heap of responses.

“This is sad to hear mam. Take a break from politics and focus on the Lord is what you may need,” a supporter suggested to Boebert.

The Incident Continued To Generate Viral Attention Online

Boebert and the incident are continuing to trend on X (formerly Twitter) nearly a day later, continuously inspiring commentary and reactions.

“I can’t believe Biden’s DOJ had the Deep State kick America’s grandma, Lauren Boebert, out of the classic musical “Beetlejuice” for exercising her 1st Amendment right to yell, “Do you know who I am?” in a crowded theatre,” Jonathan Goldman posted.


“Has Lauren Boebert blamed President Biden for her getting kicked out of the Beetlejuice musical yet? …3…2…1,”  one user asked.

“Behave yourself beetlejuice,” a user responded to a thread about the incident.
The founder and chairman for Act For America, Bridgett Gabriel, defended Boebert, proclaiming she “stand(s)” with Boebert.

“I stand with Lauren Boebert! Another attack from the fake news media. No one buys it!” she posted.


“The next time Lauren Boebert tries to speak on the floor of the house, I hope the cast and crew of Beetlejuice The Musical show up and heckle her for her whole time at the podium,” a user by the name of @FakeJoeBiden posted.


#LaurenBoebert got the wrong handbook. She got “The Handbook For The Recently Disgraced,” another user posted.





“I’ve always hated Beetlejuice, so kudos to you congresswoman,” an X user replied to Boebert’s aforementioned thread with a thumbs-up emoji.



“You can’t vape in public Bobo. Everyone knows that. And you were asked once to stop the disruptive behavior (ppl don’t wanna hear you or anyone else sing during the performance). 2nd time was the charm. Question: whatcha vaping?” another user asked.

“Laughing is fine. Singing, vaping, and flipping off ushers who ask you to be quiet are not, Karen,” another user weighed in.

Boebert has not commented further on the incident, as of press time.

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