Snopp Dogg’s New Frozen Treat Sending Fans On A ‘Flava Trip’

Snoop Dogg is dropping ice cream flavors! This is another dope business idea in a long list of the rapper’s other ventures.

Snoop Dogg’s Dr. Bombay Ice Cream

Snopp Dogg's New Frozen Treat Sending Fans On A 'Flava Trip'
Instagram/Dr Bombay

Snoop isn’t going to shy away from a good business idea, so when the idea came up to make a handful of ice cream flavors, the west coast rapper figured, why not! The IG page Official Dr. Bombay posted about the new drop.

“Who’s ready for a Flava trip? ✈️🍪🍊🍫🍍,” they asked alongside an animation of the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT avatar in wild psychedelic colors. “Introducing Dr. Bombay Ice Cream by @officialdrbombay & @snoopdogg🍦.”

In accurate, out-of-the-box Snoop Dogg fashion, the flavors are exciting and wild. Fans are sharing pictures of which ones they have picked up so far.

Snoop Dogg’s ‘Lit’ Flavors

Snopp Dogg's New Frozen Treat Sending Fans On A 'Flava Trip'
Dr. Bombay Snax

What sounds good to you? “Syrupy Waffled Sundaze,” “Strawberry Sherbert Swizzle,” “S’More Vibes,” “Bonus Track Brownie,” “Cocoa Cream Cookie Dream,” “Rollin’ In The Doiugh,” and “Iced Out Orange Cream.”

Already, followers are raving about the taste, and those who haven’t tried any are excited by the titles and descriptions. Some are even calling them a marijuana smoker’s dream. “Just bought some Bonus Track Brownie. It’s AWESOME!!” wrote a follower who ran down to their local Walmart to grab a pint.

Others were just happy that the rapper was offering up flavors that sounded exciting. “WHAT? Snoop Scoops? I’m so in.” Another follower echoed the same sentiments, “SNOOP DOGG DOING IT👍🏿❤️.”

A Long Time In The Making

Snoop Dogg at Kimmel

This ice cream venture has been in the works for some time, and it seems like it’s not the only food relations product the rapper has in the results. Dr. Bombay Snax is a website dedicated, so far, to ice cream.

However, the word “snax” makes us believe that the businessman has a little more than just ice cream in the works. The website describes the ice cream as follows:

“Dr. Bombay is here to take you on a fun and funky flavor journey like no other. Dr. Bombay Ice Cream results from Snoop Dogg’s innovative view of creating unique flavors and an experience that stays with you. What are you waiting for?”

And in case you thought the flavors’ names were just regular ice cream flavors, the description is the selling point for this new product.

White Chocolate, Brown Sugar Syrup, And Waffles

Snopp Dogg's New Frozen Treat Sending Fans On A 'Flava Trip'
Dr. Bombay Snax

It seems like whatever you’re in the mood for, Snoop’s Flavors have it. For example, “Syrupy Waffle Sundaze” is described as: “This flavor remixes a brunch classic into a blend of waffle ice cream, waffle pieces, and a brown butter syrup swirl.”

“S’more VIBES” sounds tasty as well! “This campfire classic takes marshmallow ice cream, fudge bites, marshmallow crispy rice, and graham cracker swirls to the next level.”

“Tropical Sherbet Swizzle” encourages you to find paradise. “The vibrant orange sherbet swirl is loaded with tropical pineapple and citrus flavors that will havepop your taste budsurious to see what other food items Snoop comes out with.

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