Smokey Robinson opens up about an illicit affair with Diana Ross

Smoky Robinson she revealed that she had a fight with him once Diana Ross.

In a recent interview, Robinson shared that he dated the iconic musician for a year while he was still married to his first wife, Claudette Rogers.

He also stated that the fling just happened and that neither was chasing the other. He recently released a new studio album titled ‘GASMS’ after not releasing new music for ten decades.

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“She is a beautiful lady”

Smokey Robinson spoke about an illicit affair with singer Diana Ross

comment The guardian On Thursday, Robinson shared that she once had a fling with Ross that lasted about a year.

He met her when she was still trying to get her “career” together, and even though he was still married to his first wife, Ross’s beauty seemed to take him.

“I was married at the time. (Ross and I) worked together and it happened. But it was beautiful,” said the 83-year-old music icon People magazine. “She is a beautiful lady and I still love her. He is one of my closest people. He was young and trying to get his career together.”

Robinson added that at first he just wanted to help Ross build, and it’s not like either of them are chasing each other.

He further noted, “I tried to help him. I brought him to Motown. I didn’t go after him and he didn’t go after me. It just happened.”

Smokey Robinson explains how the case ended

Smokey Robinson spoke about an illicit affair with singer Diana Ross

However, like almost all illicit affairs, Robinson and Ross’s fling ended after the latter grew a conscience.

“After we saw each other for a while, Diana said she couldn’t do that because she knew Claudette and she knew I still loved my wife,” Robinson said. “And I did.” I loved my wife very much.”

Reflecting on the relationship, Robinson noted that she learned that people “can love more than one person at the same time” and that “it’s not because one person isn’t worthy or doesn’t meet expectations.”

Then he explained that it is possible to feel this way because no one can control love and feelings.

He said, “If we could control love, no one would love anyone. No one would take that chance. Why would you put your heart out there for someone to hurt you like that and enable you to experience those feelings?

Smokey Robinson has released a new album

Smokey Robinson spoke about an illicit affair with singer Diana Ross

Robinson has been out of the music game for a while, but returned on April 28th with a new studio album, ‘GASMS’. The record is his first solo studio album in nearly a decade and features nine songs on the album. including the lead single “If We Don’t Have Each Other”.

In February, he said that playing music remains his greatest passion, saying that it’s what he loves and that he “can’t find anything that can replace it” for me. People.

That same month, Robinson received the 2023 MusiCares Person of the Year Award alongside Motown Records founder Berry Gordy.

“It’s an extraordinary thing for me,” Robinson said of the honor, which is being recognized as the first time two people have received the award. “It was given to me and Berry, my best friend, and she sure deserves it.”

Smokey Robinson wants his songs to last forever

Smokey Robinson spoke about an illicit affair with singer Diana Ross

In addition to the fantastic bounty, Robinson welcomed several singers, including Brandi Carlile and Chloe X Halle, who took the stage to perform songs made famous by The Supremes, Temptations, Marvin Gaye and more.

The singer revealed, per USA Todayhe wants his music to remain relevant after he leaves this world, saying it’s a “dream come true” for him to have singers sing his songs.

“As a songwriter, I want to write music that people will sing forever,” he said. “I wanna be Beethoven, man.”

“Most of the people who have recorded my music are songwriters themselves. There are a billion songs in the world. So when someone picks one of mine, it’s a dream come true for me.”

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