“Sister Wives” star Christine Brown reveals she is dating again

Christine Brown all dressed up and ready to give dating another shot.

The Cooking With Just Christine star married Kody Brown in 1994 and they have six children together. The pair announced their divorce at the end of 2021, stating that they had separated.

Before marrying Christine, Kody was legally married to Meri in 1990, and by 1993 he was spiritually married to Janelle. Robyn joined the family in 2010, after which Kody divorced Meri and legally married his fourth wife.

Robyn is currently Kody’s only wife after the reality star split from Meri, divorced Janelle and ended things with Christine.

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Christine Brown is back on the dating scene!

Christine Brown

More than a year after breaking up with Kody, Christine has announced that she is getting back on the dating market. The reality star caught it Instagram on Sunday, January 29 to share the news with her one million followers. “I’m dating again!! Holy. Hell. Embarrassing. Online dating is crazy!” the caption reads “Any dating advice at 50?!”

The reality star accompanied the caption with four snaps of him in an all-black vest, pants and leather jacket. She paired the look with chunky heels and simple neck accessories, and wore her long blonde hair down to her shoulders. In the breathtaking background of the pictures were mountain peaks and some buildings.

Several of Christine’s followers were eager to offer advice to the new divorcee, with one telling her to ‘don’t lower your standards’ and ‘enjoy learning’. Another comment said: “Have a good sense of humour. And have a list of non-negotiables.”

Kody Brown wants Christine to find happiness

'Sister Wives' star Christine Brown breaks silence after shocking divorce

In Episode 3 of “Sister Wives: One-on-One,” Kody admitted that he wants his ex-wife Christine to find happiness after their divorce. The couple announced their divorce in November 2021 after almost three decades of “spiritual marriage”.

According to Kody, one of their children told him that, like him, Christine wanted to find her “soulmate.” He said lawsuit Us Weekly“One of the kids said to me, ‘Dad, mom says you have your soul mate and she wants hers.’

Christine previously said that the reality star’s fourth husband, Robyn, was her soul mate and that no other wife could compete.

Christine Brown Says Robyn Was Kody’s “Soul Mate”

'Sister Wives' star Christine Brown breaks silence after shocking divorce

Christine previously spoke about Kody and the possibility of the reality star continuing his polygamy, given his recent issues with his other two wives. She claimed that she no longer felt that he had the “capacity” for plural marriage.

Based on Us WeeklyChristine said: “It’s so unfair to me to feel the way I do about Kody and plural marriage. This is very unfair to Merivel and Janelle, but I feel that she has no capacity for polygamy. I even told Janelle, “I’m sorry I feel this way, but it is true.”

The Utah native also called Robyn Koby her soul mate, claiming that if the other women can’t become exactly like her, then they can’t compete. “Kody and I had something special. Honestly, we had something special,” noted Christine.

“But then when I needed his help and he wouldn’t give it, that was the snap.” Where I say, “I’ve done everything for you, and you can’t give me that.” He added that Robyn seemed like “everything” to Kody and was “a unit.”

Robyn Brown is Kody’s only remaining wife

Gwendlyn Brown reveals that she is not a fan of her stepmother Robyn

In 2021, Christine announced on Instagram that she and Kody had split because of how distant they had become over the years. She revealed that they will continue to be a strong presence in the lives of their six children and asked for the public’s protection.

While the reality star was the first Kody wife to leave, she wasn’t the only one. Last month, his second wife, Janelle, who has been with him for nearly 30 years, revealed that they had been living separately for several months. On “Sister Wives: One on One” Episode 1, Meri, Kody’s oldest wife, admitted that she has decided not to be married after 32 years.

Robyn joined the Brown family in 2010 and was legally married to Kody four years later. She is currently the only remaining wife of the reality star. Kody revealed that he intended to reconcile with his second wife, Janelle, in addition to Robyn.

He said: “I hope I find a happy and beautiful place with Janelle and I hope all my children and I make up. Here is the hope.”

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