Sir Elton John testifies in Kevin Spacey’s sexual assault trial

Sir Elton John made a surprise appearance in court at Kevin Spacey’s sexual harassment trial.

According to new reports, the beloved British singer and songwriter has confirmed that the “House of Cards” alum attended a charity ball he hosted and spent the night at his house.

Although he has denied all charges against him, including sexual assault and indecent assault against four men between 2001 and 2013, Spacey’s jury trial began on June 28, 2023 and is expected to last four weeks.

Sir Elton John is defending Kevin Spacey in his ongoing sexual harassment lawsuit

Elton John has been asked to answer questions about one of Spacey’s alleged victims, who claimed he was driving the “American Beauty” star to a charity ball hosted by the “Tiny Dancer” singer and her husband, David Furnish, when he violently grabbed his penis. , nearly crashing them.

Elton John is leaving the Supreme Court

At the start of the 20-minute hearing, the judge asked the pianist if he could “see and hear” the court, to which he replied, “Not really.” After the volume issue was settled, the “Rocket Man” singer confirmed that he did not recognize the complainant’s image and did not remember meeting him during the 2001 event, which raised money for the Elton John Aids Foundation. HE He told the jurors:

“When I come out of the theater, I’m always in a mad rush to get in the car. I wouldn’t notice anyone on my periphery. She could be the queen and I wouldn’t notice.

Asked if he remembered seeing Spacey, 63, on stage, the 76-year-old said yes: “He came in white tie. He was on a private jet and came straight to the ball.”

As prosecutor Christine Agnew KC continued her cross-examination to ascertain whether the ‘Baby Driver’ superstar had arrived by private jet, the composer whispered: “I would assume yes, I don’t think he would wear white tie on a commercial flight.”

Although Elton John, who gave his name as “Elton Hercules John,” struggled to hear the questions over the video link and was repeated by a lawyer in the office, it was clear he had spent the night at his pal’s home. The ball. “The night he attended the ball, he stayed overnight at our house,” the Kennedy Center Honors recipient confirmed.

He also told how the ‘A Bug’s Life’ screen star bought a red Mini at a charity auction during the prom; however, he could not comprehend what had happened to the car.

Elton John’s husband also gave evidence that he remembered the alleged victim, describing her as “sweet, charming and easy going”. Spacey was later seen crying as his legal representative, Patrick Gibbs KC, read character statements from his family, friends and fellow Hollywood stars.

The Critics Choice Awards winner refused to grab the complainant’s penis

Kevin Spacey at the Old Bailey on charges of sexual offences

Taking the stage on the second day of the trial, Spacey argued that the charges against him were false and motivated by money. As The Blast reported last week, the Screen Actors Guild Awards winner said her accuser “made up her whole story from start to finish” and called the prosecution’s case “weak.”

The BAFTA winner stated emphatically“I won’t accept a word that comes out of your mouth.” When Agnew asked the reason for the complainant’s lie, Spacey replied: “Money, money, money. And I also think he’s mad at me for whatever reason.”

“I mean, maybe I wasn’t as nice to him as he would have hoped if we met that day, and maybe he was upset about my sexuality because of other things,” Spacey continued.

When asked if unceremoniously grabbing a man was something he “would normally do to someone he met for the first time,” the actor said no. He also denied when asked that it was something he had done successfully in the past, as he considered it a “trademark”.

Afterward, Spacey told jurors he was a “loving person” and agreed to hug someone after making the “first move.” When asked what he considered “appropriate”, he explained:

“Every human encounter that I have experienced is unique. The circumstance is unique, the person is unique, and the way we came into contact is unique. I can’t give you a kind of summary of what always happens; always different.”

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