Should It Have Been Killed?

After an alligator was found with a lifeless body in his mouth in Largo, Florida, and…authorities killed him.

While many felt that was a necessary step, others think it was excessive and didn’t need to happen simply because of his alligator instincts. The sad turn of events has left many debating the topic on social media, with a clear divide!

To Be Killed Or Not To Be Killed Because Of Natural Alligator Instincts?


Many social media users shared their thoughts and opinions on the gator’s forced demise on Instagram and Facebook posts that shared the tragic news.

On The Blast’s Facebook post about the unfortunate story out of a Largo, Florida neighborhood, many debated whether or not the gator deserved to be killed.

“Having a hard time understanding why the gator was killed- Doesn’t mean the gator killed the person… doesn’t mean if it was killed by a gator, it was THAT gator,” one person wrote.

“13 foot alligator is a hazard to humans especially one that has already tasted human blood,” wrote another.

One Facebook user explained, “They tend to kill animals that are found eating humans, even if they didn’t kill the person. I’m not sure there’s any real proof that they’ll turn into a human-killing machine after tasting human flesh; it’s more about making ourselves feel better.”

That same Facebook user later added, “Unfortunately conservation has a lot to do with making humans feel better. Because our feelings and irrational fears matter more than actual lives…”

Another person wanted to know: “How many more times do the people who live in Florida need to be reminded they’re not in charge out their in and around water? Their stupidity cost this gator it’s life. Their hunting habits/grounds aren’t a secret.”

An Instagram post by Media Blackout USA also had tons of comments debating whether or not the gator should have been killed.

“All the ppl in the comments gotta be from Florida cause y’all keep saying ‘humanely killed’ about a gator dragging a dead HUMAN! Like there’s no rehab for a gator that’s now tasted human blood, you can’t reach it not to kill!! So they can sedate an animal and put it to sleep permanently after that. AND THANK GOD!! Yes KILL IT!! It’s 13 ft!!! Almost 14!! He gotta go!😂” one person wrote.

Another person took the other side of the debate saying, “First off how do you humanly kill anything?🤔
Second Alligators eat meat. People know this yet still mess with them. Stay away from these creatures habitats and this wouldn’t be an issue. I would hate for anybody’s kid or pet get eaten by these animals but, so many of them are killed every year usually because people go messing with them first. They should be more protected.”

The Victim Found In The Alligator’s Mouth Was Identified

Alligator in Florida
CBS News – Facebook

CBS News shared their news clip of the unfortunate incident on their Facebook page and a relative of the victim commented saying, “It’s my little sister mother her name is Sabrina. We don’t have all the details yet, so please keep things to yourself. Please pray for our family.😭

On Sunday, CNN reported that the victim was identified as Sabrina Peckham, 41. No other information has been shared as of Sunday evening.


An area resident, JaMarcus Bullard, told CBS affiliate WTSP that he saw the victim in the mouth of the gator and called 911.

“It lifted up out of the water with the body, like it was just clamped onto it, and it like swam backwards, like, under to the bottom of the canal to the other side,” Bullard said. “I just couldn’t believe it was real.”

An autopsy will be conducted to determine the cause and manner of death.

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