Sheryl Lee Ralph Shares Desire For Son’s Wedding

Sheryl Lee Ralph cannot contain her joy about her son Etienne Maurice’s recent engagement!

The gorgeous actress gushed about her only son’s impending nuptials and what it meant for her family during a recent conversation about her new “Share Some Good Fund” back-to-school charity campaign. Etienne himself shared the good news on his social media page, uploading multiple images that featured the highlights last month.

Sheryl Lee Ralph Has No Intentions To Involve Herslef In Her Son’s Wedding Plans

Since her son got a resounding yes from his girlfriend and ABC journalist, Stephanie Wash, Ralph has been stuck in cloud nine. She opened up about her excitement when she talked to ET, informing the publication:

“I’m so happy, I’m so inspired, I love it! The fact that Stephanie just fits and blends so well into our family, you know, that’s all you can ask, that your children are happy in different stages of their life.”

Continuing, the Emmy-winning actress enthusiastically stated, “Now if I can see that happen for my daughter I will be ecstatic!” Despite her anticipation to see the couple walk down the aisle as soon as possible, the “Abbot Elementary” star admitted that she had no intention to insert herself in the wedding plans.

Sheryl Lee Ralph Shares Desire For Son's Wedding Weeks After Engagement Announcement
Instagram | Etienne Maurice

To achieve that, she would be on the sidelines and only offer her help if they asked for it. All she really wanted was for the wedding party to be “good.” In her words:

“I want the music to be good. I want it to be just wonderfully outstanding because these are the days that, as you go through your marriage, you have to look back on what is probably your happiest day together and remember that day.”

Explaining her point further, the “Sister Margaret and the Saturday Night Ladies” star expressed:

“When your partner gets on your last nerve and you need to be reminded, ‘Why did I do this? Why did I get married? What was it again about this person?’ But then, you think about your wedding and go, ‘Oh, now I understand. Now I remember that.’ And then you just shut your mouth, and you just let that go by.”

Even more important for Ralph would be to become a grandmother as she already has a name she would love her grandkids to call her. As she disclosed, “We called my grandmother Nana, they called my mother Grandi, and I said, ‘Nuh-uh, Glamma,’” she shares. “Glam-mom, Glamma that works (too), they can say that. I’ll be the G-mama, yes.”

In case you missed it, Maurice and Wash announced their engagement with multiple images of the surprise proposal complete with roses and candles on Instagram. The moment, which took place on a New York City rooftop, also featured their loved ones, including Ralph.

Sheryl Lee Ralph Recalls Son's Tragic Brain Altering Accident & Getting Shot Thrice
Instagram | Sheryl Lee Ralph

The post began with a sweet image of the newly-engaged Wash showing off her bling as she and her man held each other close. Other slides showcased Maurice on one knee, a closer peek at the journalist’s diamond, and a group shot with their family and friends.

The ‘Wonder Woman’ Actress’ Son Recently Spoke About Two Of The Most Frightening Moments Of His Life

In the days leading to the engagement, Ralph and her son had made headlines after the former talked about how the 31-year-old survived two nearly fatal incidents. While the first occurred during his college years, resulting in a concussion that significantly impacted his brain, the second happened when he sustained multiple gunshot wounds during a mugging incident. 

Soon after the “It’s a Living” actress shared the story, Maurice was flooded with a multitude of messages and calls from concerned parties. The reaction prompted him to record and post a clip to X, formerly Twitter, to share what exactly transpired.

“It’s kind of crazy that I even gotta hop on here and explain myself. But apparently, there’s a couple of news articles and blogs with the headline from an interview my mom did talking about my DUI and when I got shot. And in the traumatic experience that we both had to go through during those times,” he started in the video.

After reassuring viewers that he was in a good place, he noted that the crash and robbery took place about a decade ago. He then highlighted that the events had occurred at different times, adding that they had profoundly led him on a path to his present pursuits with WalkGoodLA.

At this point, Maurice turned his camera to showcase the nonprofit’s fresh “creative wellness space,” a hub for “community healing” and “community building.”

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