Shemar Moore shares first photo of daughter Frankie

American actor Shemar Moore shared the first glimpse of her beautiful baby girl!

The actor and his girlfriend Jesiree Dizon they recently welcomed their first child together. Moore took to social media to express her joy at the arrival of the bundle of joy with a hilarious caption.

The actor previously stated that the expected date of his child’s birth was February 8, which coincides with the third anniversary of his late mother’s death.

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Shemar Moore reveals the face of Frankie’s daughter

Shemar Moore with his daughter Frankie

After sharing the news of her daughter’s birth, Moore finally revealed her face to worried fans.

The actor revealed the adorable photo of baby Frankie with the caption: “FRANKIE MOORE!!!! BABY GIRL in the building!!! Born on January 24th at 3:38 PM. 7.1 lbs… 20 inches…. 10 fingers n 10 toes… Already MY LIFE LOVE!!” Moore also raved about how he is now a “Girl Daddy!!”

Moore mentioned his late mother, Marilyn Joan Wilson-Moore, who he said is “in heaven, running around drinking her wine and doing a happy dance.”

It was taken by a “Criminal Minds” alum Instagram on the 25th to confirm the news yourself. Moore reposted a photo from People magazine of himself and his girlfriend with the caption, “Boy is officially a dad!!! Dreams come true!! The rest of my life is here!”

Moore is a father first, but Dizon also has two other children from previous relationships; a 5-year-old daughter with actor Stephen Bishop, Charli, and a son, Kaiden.

Her daughter’s expected delivery date was originally February 8th

Shemar Moore

During an appearance on “The Jennifer Hudson” show, the actor revealed that he is expecting a child on a day that is very special to him.

“I’m Shemar Moore, 52 1/2 years old. My mother is in heaven, it will be the three-year anniversary on February 8,” he said.

The “Diary of a Mad Black Woman” actor added to the lawsuit PeopleAnd on February 8th, I’m going to make one of your dreams come true, because in real life, Shemar Moore is going to be a dad soon.

“This will be the best part… My life is already big enough, but I know that when God calls my name, once I get this experience, I will be able to go to heaven whole,” he concluded.

Shemar Moore Had A Sex Reveal Party With A Helicopter

The actor also shared a video about it earlier Instagram page about him and his girlfriend finding out the gender of their baby.

“Today is the day. Your son has butterflies, it’s a special day, a legendary day,” he said at the time, mentioning that his late mother, Marilyn Wilson Moore, was “smiling” down at them from heaven.

“It’s either Legend, my little friend, or Frankie, little girl.” And on February 8, 2023, I will become a father,” he revealed at the time, referring to the previous expected day of childbirth.

Jesiree Dizon

Moore’s girlfriend, Dizon, shared in the video that she wants a boy, but ultimately wants a girl because “then we’ll have another one, because if we have a boy, we’re one, and that’s not okay with me. .”

She continued: “Honestly, I just want something healthy, happy — like ten fingers, ten toes — I’m so excited for this phase of our life together and it’s going to be amazing.”

Not long after, the helicopter overhead emitted pink smoke, signaling that their bundle of joy would be a baby girl.

Shemar Moore’s fans are reacting to the news of his daughter’s arrival

Shemar Moore

After the actor confirmed the news of his daughter’s birth, his fans took to social media to express their joy and congratulate him.

One fan said: “So happy for you! Awwww. I know your heart is full. Congratulations, may this new chapter of your journey be filled with joy, fun, patience and love.”

Another fan added: ‘Congratulations to you both. Being a parent is the best job in the world.”

“I think you’ve been talking about the little girl for a long time, my friend.” Congratulations a million times over. I’m very happy for you guys,” said another follower of the actor.

Another fan wrote: “Congratulations Shemar you are a dad that is amazing. I’m happy for you.”

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