Sharon Stone is mourning the death of her brother Patrick Stone, 57

Actress Sharon Stone mourns the death of his brother, Patrick Joseph Stonein an extremely emotional video.

Almost two years after losing her nephew River, Sharon lost her brother Patrick to a heart attack. He suffered from a heart condition and his wife Tasha broke the news of his death to their family, friends and fans.

Patrick and Tasha were the parents of 11-month-old River, who died in August 2021 of full organ failure. Shortly before River’s death, Sharon posted a photo of her in the hospital and asked people to pray for a miracle. After his death, the actress posted a tribute video of her nephew to announce the passing and honor his memory.

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Sharon Stone is mourning the death of her brother Patrick

Sharon Stone is mourning the death of her brother Patrick Stone

The “All I Wish” actress broke her silence on the death of her brother Patrick. Sharon shared a video on Instagram confirming her brother’s death. She also shared a photo of them, along with the heartbreaking caption: “RIP My Brother Patrick Joseph Stone.”

In one of the photos shared by the actress, she can be seen standing next to her brother with her arms around him.

Besides Patrick, Sharon has two siblings, a sister named Kelly and a brother named Michael. Kelly is more private, while Michael is an actor who starred in 1999’s “The Quick and the Dead” and 2021’s “Renaissance Man.”

In her book, The Beauty of Living Twice, Sharon wrote about her relationship with her siblings, especially Patrick and Michael. In the book, the actress said that she and Patrick are very close, and that she only recently started to get close to Michael. The last time she posted about Patrick on social media was when they went on a family trip to Alaska in September 2018.

Patrick Stone died of a heart attack

Sharon Stone is mourning the death of her brother Patrick Stone

Sharon Stone’s brother Patrick died unexpectedly at his home in Pennsylvania on Sunday at the age of 57. A source from the local coroner’s office spoke TMZ and revealed that Patrick died of sudden cardiac death. He is said to have already suffered from heart disease, but it is unclear if he was hospitalized around the time of his death.

According to the news site, Tasha, Patrick’s widow, announced the news of his death to their family, friends and fans. He wrote: “My heart feels like it has been ripped out of my chest. Patrick went to our sweet river… I don’t know what else to say, he was my world.”

Tasha wrote: “I’m not sure what my life would be like without my husband and to be honest I don’t want to but of course I will. I just hope that you will always be by my side and watch out for Hunter, Kaylee and me.

Patrick Stone lost his son River in 2021

Patrick and Tasha’s son River died in August 2021 at the age of 11 months from full organ failure. The couple had barely mourned their son before Patrick began his battle with heart disease. In Patrick’s dying message, he shared his wish for father and son to be reunited in the afterlife.

Tasha wrote, per Page six“Until we meet again, I will forever hold you and our wonderful (and some not-so-wonderful, but equally important) memories close to my heart, and I will always visit you. I love you sweetheart. For all that, my wish is that at least River has her father with her now, and I hope you two had the best time ever.”

Sharon Stone asked for prayers shortly before River’s death

A beautiful photo of Sharon Stone at an event in a full purple ball gown.

Sharon first revealed to fans that River’s body went into full organ failure just days before her death. She posted a photo of her nephew in his hospital bed on Instagram and wrote: “My nephew and godson River Stone was found in his crib today in full organ failure.”

Sharon Stone's nephew taken to hospital on life support with 'total organ failure'

The “Casino” actress asked fans to “Pray for her,” saying their family needs a miracle. When River sadly died days later, Sharon posted another video to announce his passing and honor the memories of his short life. Caption: “William Stone River 8 September 2020 – 30 August 2021”.

In the video posted by Sharon, River can be seen laughing and smiling with her family while wearing only a diaper and a floral shirt. He used Eric Clapton’s “Tears In Heaven” as the soundtrack for the tribute clip, a song Clapton wrote after the tragic death of his son.

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