Sharon Stone claims Hollywood caught her after her stroke

In a candid conversation, she is a famous actress Sharon Stone spoke about his struggles in Hollywood following a stroke.

The iconic star, known for playing femme fatales and enigmatic women on screen, shared that she was ignored and sidelined by the industry for more than two decades following her health crisis.

Stone, now 65, has expressed frustration and disappointment at not being given opportunities during this period, despite having previously been a prominent leading lady.

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Sharon Stone feels seduced by the industry

Sharon Stone's nephew taken to hospital on life support with 'total organ failure'

Speech given recently Hollywood Reporters At the Raising Our Voices event, Stone discussed the impact of his 2001 stroke. At the height of her career, the actress suffered a major stroke that left her with significant physical and cognitive challenges.

After recovering two years later, the “Casino” star returned to the movie scene, but struggled to regain his status as one of Hollywood’s top stars.

“I’ve been in recovery for seven years and haven’t had a job since,” he lamented. “When it first happened I didn’t want to tell anyone because you know if there’s something wrong with you, you’re out. Something’s wrong with me – I’ve been out for 20 years.”

Stone added: “I didn’t have a job. At one point in my life I was a very big movie star.”

He revealed that the roles he got after the stroke cannot be compared to the ones he worked on before.

She faced obstacles after deciding to stand up for herself

Sharon Stone

In the candid and heartfelt interview, Stone also opened up about the challenges she faced in the entertainment industry after deciding to stand up for herself more, noting that it may have been the reason she didn’t get a job.

The “Basic Instinct” star stressed that the effects of her stroke exacerbated gender inequality in Hollywood.

Stone expressed his frustration, stating, “I broke a lot of glass ceilings in the top of my head. I mean it hurt. Paying hurt. It hurt to fight with studio executives.”

He continued, “It hurts to draw boundaries, boundaries about who can come into my trailer and what they can ask for; The boundaries about not wanting to sign my contract in my makeup trailer the day I started a show.”

The movie star also stated, “It was painful to say that, like any company, I had the opportunity to have my lawyer read my contract and that I didn’t have to start the show by signing my unread contract in the make-up trailer.”

Sharon Stone supports the underrepresented

Sharon Stone's nephew taken to hospital on life support with 'total organ failure'

Despite the hardships, Stone remains steadfast and committed to equality and better representation in the entertainment industry.

The actress, who actively supports many charities and organizations, detailed her advocacy work with the World Health Organization and the United Nations to help the underrepresented in the industry.

“It is important to me that its diversity is not erased by this anti-revival idea in our country,” shared the actress. “This democratic experiment means a lot. Means a lot. The extreme imposition of a controlled government society – whatever you want to call it, whatever people want to label it – is also an experiment. That doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. That means it’s an experiment to see if you’ll eat it. Do you eat a controlled government? Do you eat a controlled studio system? What are you going to eat or stand up and hold me accountable?”

Sharon Stone Lost custody of her son over a movie role

Son of Sharon Stone and Roan

On the “Table for Two with Bruce Bozzi” podcast in March, Stone revealed that her iconic role in the 1992 erotic film “Basic Instinct” had a profound effect on her personal life, leading to her losing custody of her son Roan.

Based on Page sixthe actress known for her captivating performance as Catherine Tramell in the 1992 thriller recently opened up about the challenges she faced as a mother in the aftermath of the controversial film.

“I lost custody of my child,” Stone said. “When the judge asked my child — my little boy, ‘Do you know your mother makes sex movies?’ It’s kind of an abuse of the system to consider what kind of parent I am because I made that movie.”

Son of Sharon Stone and Roan

She continued: “Now people are walking around without clothes on regular TV and you’ve seen maybe sixteen seconds of nudity on me – and I’ve lost custody of my child.”

She shares her adopted son Roan with ex-husband Phil Bronstein. The former couple got together in 1998 and adopted the boy two years later, but they divorced in 2003.

Bronstein was awarded primary custody of Roan after the judge argued that he could provide a more stable environment at his San Francisco residence.

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