Sharon Osbourne Reveals Her Pick For Rudest Celebrity

Sharon Osbourne has one celebrity’s name inked in her bad books!

The former “The Talk” co-host has spent several years in the entertainment industry and has undoubtedly met a lot of celebrities. However, in the long list of famous personalities she has met, one character has left a wrong impression on Sharon. 

“The Celebrity Apprentice” star did not hold back as she revealed this acto has a rude personality. 

Sharon Osborne Says Ashton Kutcher Is The ‘Rudest Celebrity’ She Has Met

While Ashton Kutcher is one of Hollywood’s sweethearts, Sharon certainly does not think of him as one. The 70-year-old TV personality made the shocking revelation during an appearance on E! News, where she was joined by her 38-year-old daughter Kelly Osbourne.

Sharon Osbourne at A Million Little Pieces Premiere

While on the show, the mother and daughter played a game of “Stir the Pot,” where they had to pick random questions to answer. One of the questions was, “Name the rudest celebrity you’ve ever met,” and the elderly Osbourne did not waste time divulging who made it. 

Although she didn’t remember his name, she knew how to describe the famous personality. She said, “The guy that’s married to an actress, and he used to do That 70s Show.” The description made Kelly recognize the star her mom meant and said, “Oh, Ashton Kutcher? Really?”

Sharon quickly confirmed the name her daughter called. She exclaimed, “Yes. Oh, rude, rude, rude, rude little boy.” Both the interviewers and Kelly were stunned by the revelation, saying they were, “not prepared for that.” However, Sharon stood on her words, adding that the actor was a “Dastardly little thing.”

Although the former “AGT” judge did not reveal her interaction with Kutcher, fingers are crossed that she talks about it on their rebooted podcast. Earlier in the week, son Jack Osbourne announced that the Osbourne family is returning to their podcast, “The Osbournes Podcast” after a five-year hiatus. 

The show’s second season features the patriarch, Ozzy Osbourne, Sharon, and their kids Kelly and Jack, and will launch on Sept. 12. Jack took to Instagram to tell fans the big news. He posted a video of the family on the set of filming their podcast alongside a caption announcing their return. 

Ashton Kutcher

“5 years later, and the gang’s all here!” Jack wrote in the caption. “The Osbourne Family is back together for a brand new podcast filled with laughter, stories and good vibes. @theosbournespodcast dropping September 12th.”

A post from the official Instagram for the podcast detailed that the project would “dive into the worlds of celebrity, true crime, rock and roll, culture.” The episodes were recorded at Ozzy and Sharon’s home and will feature 20 episodes available in video and audio formats.

Jack Osbourne Joked Poked Fun At His Mom’s Cosmetic Procedures 

Ahead of the podcast’s release, the famous family shared a teaser, giving fans a glimpse of what to expect. In the trailer, Jack poked fun at his mom’s several cosmetic surgeries, comparing them to the maintenance routine of a car. 

“I thought you had, like, a two- or three-year, like, tune-up. It’s like a car,” the 37-year-old joked, adding, “Every 5,000 miles, Mom goes in for a tune-up.”

Of course, the music manager responded to the humorous tease, saying that plastic surgery was something “everybody” should undergo at some point. Kelly supported her mom, saying she would also do some plastic surgery to keep flaps away from her neck. “I do not want one of those necks in which you can flick. That will never happen,” the model said. 

The former “X-Factor” judge has been open about her cosmetic procedures. Over the years, she had several plastic surgery procedures, including a facelift, a brow lift, a nose job, and Botox injections. 

In her 2013 autobiography, “Unbreakable,” the TV host stated that she had “tweaked, stretched, peeled, lasered, veneered, enhanced or removed altogether” some parts of her body and have any more procedures in the future.
However, she still went under the knife a few more times, including one in 2019 and another in 2021. But the last procedure didn’t go as expected, leaving the TV personality looking like a “f***ing Cyclops.”

“That one put me off, and it frightens me,” Sharon told a news outlet.” “I really f***ing pushed it with the last facelift, and I am now like, no more.” She added, “Time is against me; I cannot have another facelift.”

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