Shanna Moakler talks about her relationship with her ex in the middle of the documentary

Shanna Moakler wants the world to know what really happened in her relationship with ex-fiancé Oscar De La Hoya.

The 48-year-old and former professional boxer began dating in 1997 before announcing their engagement the following year. Less than a year later, in March 1999, they welcomed their child, Atiana De La Hoya.

The couple eventually broke up shortly after when Moakler learned that De La Hoya had taken another woman on a date to an awards ceremony while they were still romantically involved. Although she has since moved on, Moakler will be featured in an upcoming documentary about her former partner, and she shared why.

Shanna Moakler makes no secret of her broken relationship with Oscar De La Hoya in upcoming documentary

Moakler plans to shed more light on the events surrounding his relationship with De La Hoya several years after the latter withdrew from their daughter’s life at a young age. The beauty queen explained that she was pressured to appear in the documentary to share her ‘side of the story’. In the words of the reality television star:

“I got involved because they said it was going to be a no-holds-barred doc and I felt I could openly tell my side of the story. I don’t know how they plan to edit it. I have absolutely no relationship with Oscar de la Hoya, nor do I want one.”

Shanna Moakler flaunts toned midsection and slimmer curves as she celebrates reaching her fitness goals
Instagram | Shanna Moakler

She added that the boxing promoter’s relationship with their child was “between her (SIC) and him because she’s a young adult now and I’m not talking about that.” Instead, Moakler is focusing on his own relationship with Atiana and his two other children, Landon and Alabama Barker, who he shares with ex-husband and rocker Travis Barker.

“I am extremely close to all my children. Nothing can ever stop that, even if we don’t have a smooth ride, like any family with teenagers. I love them all unconditionally and will always be active, active and supportive in their lives,” she gushed. to Us Weekly.

The Miss Nevada USA executive producer shared proof of their undying love in a unique photo of her and her three children looking adorable and happy on her IG Story. Wearing a white shirt and blue underpants, Moakler tilted his head slightly as he beamed and looked at Alabama. out of the corner of his eye.

She seemingly put her arms around Landon as she and Atiana rested on his locked legs as they held hands and smiled. Like their mother, Alabama and Landon both wore white shirts, while their sister wore a black sleeveless top, which unified their fashion choices.

Meanwhile, the doc “The Golden Boy” will debut in two parts on Monday, July 24 and Tuesday, July 25, detailing De La Hoya’s journey from his upbringing in East Los Angeles to becoming a legendary boxing champion.

Shanna Moakler talks about her relationship with ex Oscar De La Hoya in her documentary
Instagram | Shanna Moakler

He also “takes stock of his life and relationships” while giving “raw and intimate interviews” on the show, which also features “insightful commentary” from those in his life, including his ex-fiancée, his siblings, six children and his father, Joel De La Hoya Sr.

The 1995 Ring Magazine Fighter of the Year admitted that he ran away from being a father

Days before Moakler set out to tell the world the truth, De La Hoya revealed why she allowed her ex and Travis to raise Atiana after she was gone. Speaking to Allison Kugel on her “Allison Interviews” podcast on Thursday, July 20, the 50-year-old revealed:

“I basically ran away. I got scared. I was scared. I tried to be a full-time dad for a few years and it was beautiful.”

She reiterated that while it was “wonderful to raise a little girl,” she couldn’t help but question her worthiness and try to convince herself that it was impossible to achieve the unconditional love her daughter brought into her life.

After admitting that neither of his parents were expressive with their affection for him, De La Hoya stated that he was “always there but not there”, making his relationship with Atiana different from normal. The Golden Boy of boxing, as he is fondly known, continued:

“You have to log in and worry. Even though I was apart, I felt like I was always close to me, but I didn’t feel worthy enough to do the job.”

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