Shania Twain’s friends are reportedly worried about her weight loss

Shania Twain she has always been open about her private life, including her eating habits and dream body. However, the singer and actress recently worried her family and friends about her sudden weight loss.

Twain flaunted her new slim figure in a black bodysuit at the recent 2023 Grammy Awards party. After that, the star’s friends reportedly revealed how worried they were about her health.

They also noted how risky it was for the actress to lose so much weight in such a short period of time. The drastic change followed Twain’s focus on losing weight and battling body dysmorphia.

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Shania Twain’s friends are worried about her

Shania Twain

A family friend of the Canadian artist spoke to him Radar Online about the new weight. Concerns about Twain’s body standards have also been noted. While they’re used to it, the “I Ain’t No Quitter” singer’s new look still surprises and worries them.

While speaking to the news outlet, the alleged friend revealed, “Shania has always been obsessed with her body image, so it’s a real fear that she’s developed bad habits to achieve unrealistic goals.” The source’s concerns followed a medical report which revealed the 57-year-old had lost more than 30 kilos in two years.

This was especially concerning given Twain’s 5’4 frame. In addition to her friends worrying about her trimmer appearance, Twain risks serious health problems due to her weight and eating habits.

Shania Twain is reportedly facing serious “health risks.”

Shania Twain

The doctor who studied Twain’s weight loss over the years revealed that she needed to change her diet. They noted, “You need to put the weight back on in a healthy way, or you’re at risk of many health risks.” However, the star is health conscious and has even cut back on his drinking habits.

Based on Radar Online, a family friend shared that he no longer drinks as much due to health reasons. The star recently also focused on losing weight for her upcoming tour in April. They noted, “The world is competing with the Taylor Swifts and Beyonces of the road, as well as a new young country cutie.”

The friend also noted that Twain went “too far” while trying to look good before the tour. Another source said: “She wants to look her best, but … even her own doctors are telling her that such a dramatic weight loss can cause all kinds of health problems.” Another health professional also noted that her new obsession was a poor example of vegetarianism.

Shania Twain’s appearance: ‘Not a good advertisement for the vegetarian lifestyle’

Shania Twain

Twain, who was open about her vegetarian lifestyle, provoked a medical expert with her new look. While the star revealed that she was eating lots of greens, lentils and nuts, the expert noted that it was unhealthy.

They explained that it didn’t have enough nutrients to keep him healthy enough at his age. The expert also revealed that “the way Shania looks now” was very discouraging to fellow vegetarians. Although she meant well, she noted that Twain was not “a good advertisement for the vegetarian lifestyle.”

However, Twain no longer cares much about public opinion. Grayling Radar Onlinethe star showed off her new hair color in the first week of February to mark the beginning of a new phase in her life.

She Has Been Having With Her Hair Colors

Shania Twain

The “From This Moment On” star debuted her blonde hair on the red carpet at an event in Los Angeles earlier this month. She also rocked an orange style to match the color. While the look was a departure from her usual hairstyle, Twain wanted to do something different. Twain rocked a red wig and a whimsical and beautiful white suit with large black circles and a big hat at the 2023 Grammy Awards.

At the time, she told the press that the hair choice marked a new era. He also revealed his plans to ignore public opinion and take control of his life. “I celebrate happiness and joy and take control of your own mood and spirit.” Amid her confidence, fans on social media had mixed opinions about the new look. But Twain loves her style, is brimming with renewed confidence and is eager to surprise audiences even more.

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