Shania Twain poses topless at 57 years old

Shania Twain Opens Up About Finding Her Confidence And How Everything Changed For Her!

The music legend has been a household name for more than three decades, known for his powerful vocals and chart-topping hits. But in a recent interview, she revealed that a bold move changed her life in a whole new way.

Shania Twain reveals how going topless at 57 changed her life

In an exclusive interview Separatelythe country music icon has opened up about her new album, “Queen of Me,” which she describes as a personal exploration of her spirit and self-discovery during the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, the conversation with host Jenn Lahmers touched on Twain’s past struggles and body insecurities and newfound confidence. The Canadian native revealed that she has been shy about her body since she was a young girl, to the point of avoiding bathing suits and going to the beach. HE he explained:

“I’d say it’s probably plagued him since I was 10.”

Shania Twain at the Zurich Film Festival

Reflecting on his music video for the hit “You’re Still the One,” the songwriter admitted he was already 30 when he had his first radio hit. She described the video as a pivotal moment in her career where she felt empowered to shed her inhibitions and show her natural beauty. Twain recalled:

“In this video, I’m braless, allowing myself to step out of my everyday self into the world of filming and making choices that give me the freedom to do things I wouldn’t normally do. in my daily life.”

Despite becoming more confident over time, she admitted that facing her fear of nudity was a completely different experience. “Did that mean I could look at myself in the mirror with the light on? Now I really look at myself and I’m like, ‘Okay, look, things are sagging… All kinds of things that, you know, I don’t really want to show,’” she admitted.

Despite this, the star decided to face his fears and posed shirtless on the cover of his single Waking Up Dreaming at the age of 57. According to him, this experience was transformative. In his words:

“I’m doing this nude photoshoot and it’s changed everything for me.”

“I’d like to stand, but say, ‘Yes, I’m a woman who’s comfortable in her own skin.’ It’s not like I want to show my nakedness to the world. I’m trying to show that you need to trust your nudity,” she explained.

The pandemic played a significant role in his journey of self-discovery as he found inspiration and solace in isolation. “Isolation can be a good thing for me when I turn off external stimulation and get creative,” he said of the experience.

Her latest album, “Queen of Me,” is more than a collection of songs, as she decided to embrace her story by sharing the catalyst for the album’s theme. The Blast noted this while promoting the album “Today”, she cited past trauma as her motivation for nudity.

Shania Twain at the Brit Awards 2023

“It’s really about me saying that I was abused as a child,” she revealed. “My stepfather stroked me on top and I went shirtless and I was already mature. The terrible, scary one who wants to escape in my own skin”, continued the conversation with Hoda Kotb.

Twain first publicly revealed her stepfather’s actions in 2018, when she shared how she hid and flattened her breasts, wore bras that were too small, and went out of her way to look as noticeable as possible.

Twain’s dramatic weight loss causes concern among friends

The Country superstar has never shied away from discussing her weight and body image. However, her recent significant weight loss has raised concerns among friends and family.

As reported by The Blasta family friend expressed concern, stating that while they were used to Twain focusing on her body image, her current appearance was still alarming. the person told Radar Online that “he has a real fear that he has developed bad habits from trying to achieve unrealistic goals.”

A medical report also confirmed that the 57-year-old singer has lost more than 30 pounds in just two years, which is especially concerning given her 5’4 frame. The doctor noted, “You need to gain some healthy weight back or face a number of health risks.”

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