Serena Williams shows off her baby bump during an intense workout

Serena Williams proudly showed off her growing baby bump during a rigorous workout she shared on Instagram.

He wore stylish training clothes, detailed his training plans and demonstrated his athleticism.

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Serena Williams introduces her baby

Serena Williams at the 10th Annual LACMA Art + Film Gala, 2021

Serena Williams showed off her growing baby bump during an intense workout on Tuesday. The 41-year-old retired tennis icon, who held a record 23 Grand Slam titles, handled nearly 17 million. Instagram Follow her for three videos of her 4th of July home gym workout.

Donning a black sports bra, black biker shorts, white socks and bright, colorful running shoes from her loyal sponsor Nike, the four-time Olympic gold medalist is both style and athleticism. With her long hair elegantly braided and pulled back into a ponytail, Williams stepped closer to the mirror in the first video, proudly showing off her growing baby bump as she detailed her workout plans.

Serena Williams’ rigorous training

In his energetic narration, Williams enthusiastically stated, “I just (did) some cardio and now I’m going to do some leg (exercises). Let’s go!” The tennis legend’s vibrant personality was on display as he playfully slapped his hands to his feet as he yelled, “Let go!” at the end of the first video.

Williams shared a second video of him Instagram stories shortly after finishing leg training. He placed his iPhone against the gym mirror in this clip and secured it with a silver bar.

Stepping back, he began a series of exercises with a weighted medicine ball, throwing the ball powerfully to the ground and catching it high in the air. This sequence was repeated several times as Williams deftly maneuvered CAP Barbell’s yellow eight-point Rubber Medicine Ball around and above her head while the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ iconic hit Under the Bridge played in the background.

The third video gave a glimpse of Williams’ commitment to a well-rounded fitness routine. Filmed on a pale pink yoga mat, the 41-year-old superstar performed leg and core exercises.

Serena Williams has announced her second pregnancy

Serena Williams' Baby Bump Competes With Her Huge Derrière
Instagram | Serena Williams

Power couple Williams and Reddit co-founder Ohanian tied the knot in November 201, just two months after the birth of their daughter, and are now expecting their second child together. The lovebirds announced Williams’ pregnancy on Instagram just before their appearance at the Met Gala in May 2023.

Posting an impressive carousel of photos of herself and her husband, the tennis icon was seen sporting her growing baby bump in one of the pictures. In another snap, the couple beamed with happiness as they stood next to each other.

Williams captioned the photos with a heartfelt caption: “So excited when Anna Wintour invited the three of us to the Met Gala.” However, the due date and gender of the soon-to-be bundle of joy have remained a secret for the time being.

Serena Williams family time

Serena Williams enjoys an intimate Baby Moon with her husband Alexis Ohanian in a striking outfit
Instagram | Serena Williams

After embarking on a memorable European babymoon in June, Williams delighted her Instagram followers by sharing precious moments from the trip. Joined by her husband Ohanian and their adorable five-year-old daughter Olympia, as well as their nearest and dearest, including Williams’ sisters Lyndrea Price and Isha Price, the family enjoyed a joyous getaway.

In the series of Instagram photos, Williams posed lovingly with her arms wrapped around her husband and loved ones, showing off her radiant pregnancy glow in black leggings and a fitted black top that accentuated her beautiful baby bump.

While the tennis legend looked stunning, little Olympia grabbed the spotlight with her endearing poses and contagious smile in the first two moments.

Before the memorable babymoon, Williams also shared a heartwarming series baby bump photos Captioning Green Day’s hit ‘Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)’ featuring himself and Olympia, he wrote: ‘So take the photos and stop the frames in your mind.’

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